These Patents Show A Seriously Shocking Future for Handcuffs

If you thought plasticuffs were the future of restraints, well, you might still be right. But handcuff technology is also preparing to fork in a much more high-tech direction. According to some recent patents, the future of handcuffs may be shocking. Literally. Shocking you. With electricity. Read More >>

Handcuff Key Cufflinks Would Get James Bond Out of Any Lock-Up

Seemingly targeted at dapper globe-trotting spies, or wealthy perpetrators of corporate crimes, these stylish Sparrow Uncuff Links feature a handcuff secretly incorporated into their design. Except that it's not so secret. How long is it really going to take for super-villain henchmen or law enforcement to recognize that distinctive telling keyhole logo on the cufflinks? Not very. Read More >>

The Sordid History and Evolution of Handcuff Design

Handcuffs have unusual and contradictory design requirements: They must serve one human, and at the same time thwart another. Read More >>


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