Why Google Killing Google Voice Would be Fantastic

Brace yourself Google Voice fanboys, your treasured service is probably not long for this world. But don't you worry; the sooner it's dead the better we'll all be. Read More >>

Google is Finally Making Hangouts as Good as it Should Be

Today, Google held a little event about updates to Google+ which, ok, maybe that's not the most exciting thing. But buried deep in there were some updates to the Hangouts app that are finally helping it follow through on its promise. Read More >>

Yes! Leaked Screens Show SMS In Google Hangouts Is Almost Here

Google's been leaky lately, first with Android 4.4 Kit Kat screens, and then with a whole manual for the Nexus 5. Now, some screens from Android Police are showing off the best upcoming feature on Android: SMS in Hangouts. Yes! Finally! Read More >>

Google Hangouts Has a Fun New Easter Egg

So, Google's new Hangouts app keeps all of your chats in sync across all of your devices. Cool, right? But what if you're in a video call on your phone, and then open the same video call on your computer. Boop! Suddenly there's two of you, as I just discovered when chatting with my friend Bay.
You can now show two angles of yourself at the same time. Turn your head from one to the quickly for instant comedy. But why stop there? I pulled out my tablet, and yep, that worked, too. In the image above you can see there's three of me and two of him. Read More >>

Here's Everything Google Unveiled Last Night at I/O

Although this year's Google I/O is all about developers and tools, Google unveiled a lot for the users too. No sign of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, just a 4.3 Jelly Bean update, but everything from search, chat, gaming, Maps, Music, and Google+ got a feature-filled refresh. We even got a bloat-free Samsung Galaxy S4 "Google Edition" to call our own. Here's everything Google fired out into the ether last night. Read More >>

Google Hangouts: Unified Chat, Unlimited Reach

After taking some major steps forward earlier this week with the announcement that Google Talk support would finally be hitting Outlook, the long-anticipated Babel all-in-one chat service has finally been revealed as... Hangouts. Which yes, we already have sort of—but not like this. Read More >>

Hell Yes! You Can Gchat in Outlook Soon

Here's some good, good news. Microsoft is adding Google Talk (which all of you just call Gchat) support to Meaning, you can use Google's chat service right through Microsoft's beautiful new(ish) webmail page. Awesome. Read More >>

Babel Will Simply Be Called Google Hangouts, Apparently

Word on the street is that Google's incoming unified messaging service has ditched its Babel moniker. According to a source talking to TechRadar it will hit our handsets simply called Google Hangouts, which already exists, so isn't really new, then? Oh, and that it'll be launched at Google I/O next week. [TechRadar] Read More >>

Google+ Hangouts Get Mobile (and Antlers)

Google+'s group video chat orgy Hangouts has some nice updates rolling out in the next few days. Most significant among them is that it's coming to G+ mobiles apps. Least significant? Virtual antlers and a red nose for your head. Read More >>


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