The Science of Hangovers

Hangovers only exist because they keep us from partying and drinking and going nuts every single night. It's a fail-safe for humans so we don't all devolve into permanently-drunk wrecks. It's payment for fun. It sucks. But what's the real science behind it? It all boils down to three things. Read More >>

Science Proves That 'Old Sober' Hangover Cure Actually Works

According to new data from the University of California, presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society, one of the legendary hangover cures from New Orleans (via Korea) actually works. It'll help you get over your hangover much, much faster, but unfortunately it's not a bacon sandwich. Read More >>

What Different Countries Eat to Cure Hangovers

Drinking makes for awesome nights but terrible mornings. Why? Because alcohol evaporating from your body makes your throat feel forever in need of water; your brain's wrinkles feel non-existant, and your life is questioned by yourself because of your own drunk decisions. Hangovers, man. What do you do to cure a hangover? Read More >>

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Why Do You Get a Hangover?

Drinking booze is awesome; the morning after so isn't. But why on Earth do we have to suffer so badly after having a good time? Apparently, alcohol actually makes your brain shrink. Sounds painful, doesn't it? Good job we've got those magic hangover-nuking patches. I just hope they actually work. [YouTube via Gizmodo Australia] Read More >>


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