Western Digital Crams Two-Disk RAID Into Portable Thunderbolt Drive

The new MyPassport Pro from Western Digital is the world's first bus-powered portable hard drive to offer two disks with RAID capability for blazing fast, grab-and-go storage. Read More >>

LaCie's Silver-Plated Steel Sphère Houses 1TB of External Storage

If you like everything on your desk to be a stunning example of industrial design, LaCie's new Sphère is an external hard drive you won't want to hide behind your monitor. It looks like a giant drop of mercury thanks to its hand-crafted and highly-polished silver-plated steel housing which helps explain why you'll be paying close to £300 for just a single terabyte of storage. Read More >>

Western Digital's New Hard Drives Are Filled With Helium

Storage is always getting cheaper and more capacious—but Western Digital has a plan to fill it with helium to make hard drives way more efficient than ever before. Read More >>

Adding a Little Heat Could Give Us a 40TB Hard Drive in a Few Years

When it comes to cramming as much data as possible on a platter, hard drive manufacturers will use every trick in the book to maximise capacity. Including turning up the heat as TDK plans to do with a new technique that could deliver 40 terabyte hard drives by 2020. Read More >>

What's the Most Massive File on Your Hard Drive Right Now?

Cloud storage is great and all, but sometimes you've just gotta download. Sometimes, you've just gotta download something huge. Back in the days of dial-up, a couple hundred MB would take eons to bring down, but now we can play with way bigger files. What's the most massive one you have sitting on your hard drive right now?
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Groundbreaking New Particle Could Make Hard Drives 20 Times Smaller

There are many reasons why we still have size limitations on technology, but when it comes to data storage, one thing really stands out. You can only squeeze particles so close together before they start bumping into each other and screwing up the data. That's all about to change. Read More >>

SanDisk Connect: Share and Stream Your Mobile Media Anywhere (For Less)

When was the last time you held a roll of 35mm film in your hands? For a vast majority of folks, it's been a while given as our phones now pull triple duty as our comms, cameras, and pocket computers. But getting photos and files off your phone has always been a sticking point — you either have to run cables to your computer, email yourself the files, or entrust your sensitive data to some company's insecure cloud. With SanDisk's new Connect line, you'll never have to deal with cables or clouds again. And they won't anchor down your wallet, either. Read More >>

Your Old Hard Drives Are DIY Cotton Candy Machines Just Waiting to Happen

What with cloud storage becoming more and more affordable, chances are you've got a stack of old hard drives just laying around somewhere. At least one. You could just throw them away, or leave them to languish, or you could throw caution to the wind and make one into a cotton candy machine. Read More >>

Thanks To HTML5 This Website Can Fill Your Whole Hard Drive with Cats

Sometimes a browser needs to leave a little data on your computer: just a little 5-10KB nibblit, a cookie. HTML5 is a hungrier beast than that which came before it though, and sometimes wants a little more. Maybe 5MB or so. But that's where it should end. Thanks to a wee HTML5 vulnerability, however, this site can and will fill your entire hard drive with cats. Read More >>

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The Most Expensive Hard Drive Ever Spun 22.7 GB on 11-Inch Platters

Twenty-two Gigabytes seems like a paltry amount of storage by today's standards, but in the early days of networked computing—when most storage capacities were measured in a lower order of magnitude—IBM's ultimate DASD offered an unheard of amount of space. Read More >>

At Just 5 Millimetres Thick This Hybrid Drive Is Impossibly Thin

Until SSDs get big and cheap, hybrid disk drives—which combine a traditional high-capacity hard drive with speedy solid state memory—are a great compromise. Particularly now that Singapore's Data Storage Institute has created a 2.5-inch one terabyte hybrid drive that's just 4.98 millimetres thick. Read More >>

How Much of Your Hard Drive is Full Right Now?

When you're getting a new laptop, or building a PC of your own, hard drive space can be a concern. Maybe you want an SSD for speed, or maybe you just want an assload of space. Who doesn't want space? Read More >>

How the Hard Drive Crisis Forced a Cloud Company to Buy Up 5.5 Petabytes of Costco Storage

Flooding in Thailand made getting a hard drive a lot more expensive late last year. It wasn't a huge deal to most of us, but for a small cloud storage company, it was almost death. Staying alive took creativity. And Costco. Read More >>

LaCie Put Thunderbolt on Its Portable, Rugged External SSD, and That's Awesome

Now this is what we were hoping for from Thunderbolt. LaCie just stuck a Thunderbolt port on its USB 3.0 Rugged series of external drives, meaning it's now a tiny, indestructible speed monster. Read More >>

Of Course You Need a 2TB 10,000RPM Hard Drive with Two Thunderbolt Ports

The cloud's great, but sometimes you still need fast, humongous local storage. How fast and humongous? How about, say, 2TB at 10,000RPM with TWO Thunderbolt ports. Read More >>

Lion Toys and Full Size Costumes Are Your Scaring-the-Hell-Out-of-Essex Deals of the Day

If you've been in or around Essex over the weekend, you've probably been sleeping with one eye open and all the furniture jammed up against the doors and windows. After all, there was a lion on the loose. Or was there? Read More >>


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