BlackBerry Boss Hints at Hardware Exit Unless the Money Starts Coming in

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has hinted that the company may exit the handset business unless there's a dramatic turnaround in the near future, saying: "If I cannot make money on handsets, I will not be in the handset business." Read More >>

Intel Just Bought Itself One of the Best Fitness Trackers Out There

Intel just bought Basis—makers of one of the best fitness trackers out there
—for somewhere in the neighbourhood of $100 million/ £60 million so it doesn't miss the boat on wearables the way it did on phones. For now, that means a really great wearable is off the market, but Basic's guts are bound to rise again. It's just a question of how. Read More >>

Linksys Revives a Classic Design For Its Newest Wireless Router

Linksys' WRT54G is considered to be the best selling wireless router of all time. And its iconic black and blue design has become synonymous with such hardware—just look at the image used on this generic wireless router Wikipedia page. Read More >>

Forget Mouse and Keyboard: Play Your Next PC Game with Tongue and Bum

With Steam Boxes looming large in the future, game-peddlers-cum-hardware-makers over at Valve have been experimenting with some new ways to control your PC. Yeah, there's the weird joystick-less Steam Controller, but Valve designer Ben Krasnow has some even weirder stuff: a tongue mouse and a butt controller. Read More >>

Sony Says "Less Than One Per Cent" of PS4s are Faulty and it Might all be Amazon's Fault Anyway

Sony has updated the gamers of the world on the situation regarding the PS4 hardware issues that have been dogging the console's launch somewhat, claiming that less than one per cent of machines have suffered any problems -- and hinting that it might be shoddy packaging from retailers causing some of the damage: Read More >>

Here's Your First Look at Valve's Prototype Steam Box

Details have been dribbling out about Valve's new push into living room gaming. First we got the announcement, then the specs, and now the first prototype boxes are showing up in the wild. Read More >>

A History of the Apple Mouse Created Exclusively With CSS

The most impressive thing about Josh Bader's website that documents the history of the Apple Mouse isn't how comprehensive it is. After all, you can count the number of major hardware revisions Apple's made to its mouse since 1983 on two hands. No, what makes Bader's site particularly wonderful is that all the illustrations have been painstakingly created using nothing but HTML CSS. Read More >>

Here's the First Footage of Valve's Wacky Steam Controller In Use

When we first saw Valve's thumbstick free controller specially made for use with Steam, we had some questions about how it would really work in action. Now, we at least know what it looks like. Read More >>

BlackBerry Founders Bid to Buy Back Struggling Mobile Maker

Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin, who founded and still own a decent chunk of BlackBerry, are considering joining the rest of the tech world in tabling a bid to buy the company. Read More >>

Adobe’s Experimental Stylus Just Got Real, And Is Coming Within a Year

When Adobe unveiled its first attempt at building hardware tools—a stylus called Project Mighty and a digital ruler called Project Napoleon—last April, the company was careful to describe the devices as experimental projects, dancing around whether we’d ever be able to, you know, buy them. But today, Mighty and Napoleon are real: Adobe has announced that both devices will likely ship in early 2014. Read More >>

The CODE Keyboard Promises to Be the Best Mechanical Keyboard Yet

In this modern, pixelated world, the computer keyboard has become a real everyday object, something we tend to touch more times than we realise. So why not seek out the best keyboard, one built from the features of lesser keyboards? That's precisely what the CODE keyboard aims to do. Read More >>

This Smart Mobile Wind Meter Contains No Electronics

It’s always nice to see a Kickstarter project make it through to reality, and this is a neat one. Vaavud, an inexpensive wind meter that was funded on Kickstarter earlier this year, is finally available to buy. Read More >>

New Xbox Has "Tonnes of Exclusive" Games, Says Microsoft Man

Microsoft's official internet mouthpieces are all champing at the bit to tell us that they know something we don't, with MS exec Aaron Greenberg claiming we'll see plenty of exclusive games on the machine -- and a release this Christmas. Read More >>

Raspberry Pi Camera Board on Sale Today

The Raspberry Pi team has finalised the hardware and software required to gets its official camera board up and running, with the 1080p capture tool now ready for home enthusiasts to enjoy plugging in and trying to get bloody working. Read More >>

Intel Iris: Integrated Graphics Are Finally Awesome

Intel's Iris graphics are going to provide a 2x improvement to 3D performance over Intel's current HD 3000, and HD 4000 that are wrapped into Ivy Bridge cores. Basically, games that would crawl, stutter, or not run at all on older boxes (like your Call of Duty and Bioshock Infinites) are going to be up for grabs once ultrabooks with Haswell start rolling out. Read More >>

Routers Really Haven't Changed Much in 25 Years

The humble router is your gateway to the internet. Everything you do on your home broadband connection goes through it, and if it's playing up it breaks your internet. In fact, if yours is anything like mine, it cocks up much more than it should. Maybe that's because they've barely changed in the last 25 years. Read More >>


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