Harrison Ford Considering Returning For Blade Runner 2

Any hopes of Harrison Ford returning for the oft-mooted Blade Runner sequel seemed certain to be lost like when director Ridley Scott ruled out the involvement of the Star Wars hero. But now the electric sheep-like dreams of the film's many fans could become a reality, as Ford has put himself in contention for another bout with the replicants. Read More >>

Han Solo's Apparently Back to Save Star Wars Episode VII

Star Wars, post the whinny-Anakin years, wouldn't be good without Han Solo, and Han Solo without Harrison Ford, well, that'd just be plain rubbish. Thankfully, Ford's apparently on-board. Star Wars Episode VII with JJ Abrams and Harrison Ford might not actually suck. Read More >>

Harrison Ford Has Good Feeling About Disney's Enormous Star Wars Sequel Pay Cheque

According to "sources" who claim to be speaking on behalf of Harrison Ford, the notoriously grumpy 70-year-old actor is open to the idea of reprising his Han Solo role in the future Disney Star War movies. And Luke and Leia are up for it, too. Read More >>


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