Dumbed-Down Quidditch-for-Humans Now Being Played in the UK

Quidditch, the pretend game from adolescent magic series Harry Potter, is now being played as a competitive sport in the UK. 16 teams competed in the Quidditch British Cup, although the rules of the game have obviously been changed to take into account the fact that magic doesn't exist and the teens are all fat and lethargic nowadays. Read More >>

Google's Street Walkers Map Harry Potter's Studio Tour Set

Google's latest bit of Street View capture work is a slightly odd choice, with the mapping team deciding to create a 360-degree version of the rebuilt Diagon Alley scene as made famous in the Harry Potter books. Read More >>

This 400,000-Piece Lego Hogwarts School Is Larger Than Harry Potter Himself

Alice Finch has created one of the most impressive pieces of Lego architecture to date: a 400,000-brick version of Harry Potter's Hogwarts School. So large in fact that it can fit Daniel Radcliffe inside. Read More >>

Scientists Create "Perfect" Invisibility Cloak

Scientists working at Duke University have unveiled a new attempt at a cloaking effect that they claim is "flawless". (Can you unveil an invisibility cloak? Discuss.) Before all you Harry Potter fans get in a tizzy though, this particular cloak comes with a few caveats. Read More >>

FIFA 13 Is Your Screw-Halloween-I-Want-Footie Deal of the Day

It's Halloween! A time for dressing up all scary, carving pumpkins, trick or treating and playing fun games like bobbing for apples. Hurrah! Read More >>

Mushy Peas and a Plethora of Other Bargain-Basement Offers Are Your "It's Practically Free!" Deals of the Day

We've managed to unearth a massive choice of top-notch bargains for you lucky bleeders today but there's one deal that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Read More >>

Anonymous Hunts Down Harry Potter Charity Defacer

A man who calls himself The Lord Of Darkness, or AnonVoldemort, has been brought down to earth by hacking team Anonymous, after he stupidly hacked the site of a local New Zealand kid's charity. Read More >>

A WD TV Live Mini Streaming Box Is Your "Acquired"-TV-Show-Player Deal of the Day

Remember when telly used to be simple? You'd switch it on, have three channels to choose from and 98 per cent of it was utter crap. Thank god for the future then... Read More >>

"Unoriginal Bastard" Tolkien Rips Off Harry Potter... Again!

Ever noticed the similarities between The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter? IMDb commenter brian__007 did and came to a startling realisation. Tolkien totally ripped off Rowling and not only that, the "bastard's" at it again with The Hobbit, his latest "original" work. Read More >>

Seen a Load of Owls Flying About Recently? It's All Harry Potter's Fault

Apparently Britain is positively overflowing with owls that have been turfed out of their homes. Potter fans that fell in love with the wizard's mail-delivering pet owl, Hedwig, all went out and bought one. Now that Potter's all done and dusted the poor owls are getting dumped too. Read More >>

Everyone Can Carry On Reading Stuff Meant For Children With Pottermore

JK Rowling's Pottermore web experience has now launched to the general public, with fans of the franchise now able to sign in and read yet more nonsense about wizards and magical talking animals, regardless of whether they were part of the closed beta period or not. Read More >>

Pottermore Steps Out of Fantasy Land and Actually Starts Doing Something

Since its launch, Pottermore has failed to do the obvious and sell Harry Potter ebooks. For crazed Hogwarts fans everywhere, though, the wait is finally over; now you can read about wizards on your Kindle. Read More >>

Prove You're the Ultimate Harry Potter Fan With This Back-Breaking £200 31-Disc Box Set

There are Potter fans, and then there are Potter fanatics. If you happen to be the latter then you might be interested to know that there’s a colossal 31-disc box set up for pre-order that looks like something out of a Victorian-era period drama. Read More >>

CCTV Captures a Harry Potter Actor and a Millionaire's Daughter Red-Handed and Partaking In the London Riots

Showing that money doesn’t change a thing when it comes to scumbag criminals, both an actor from Harry Potter and a millionaire’s daughter have allegedly been caught rioting along with the rabble from the London riots last summer by CCTV coppers. Read More >>

I'd Live in This Incredibly-Detailed Hogwarts Castle Model

The films might be complete, but Warner Brothers will continue to milk the Harry Potter franchise for all it's worth. Starting March 31st a new studio tour will give fans a behind-the-scenes peek at the movies, including this stunning model of Hogwarts. Read More >>

Scientists Completely "Cloak" Three-Dimensional Objects for the First Time

Hiding behind a life-sized negative of yourself won't actually turn you invisible. But researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have figured out how to use that same idea to make real-world objects vanish when shot with microwave energy. Read More >>


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