This Electronic Score Tracker Will Save Competitive Families From Scrabble Squabbles

Realising the toll that Scrabble has taken on families when it comes to accurately keeping track of the score, Hasbro is introducing an updated version of the game that, among other improvements, now includes an electronic score tracker. So no longer will your parent's questionable arithmetic affect the outcome of a game. Read More >>

GI Joe Has Been Fighting the War on Cobra for Half a Century Now

GI Joe fans are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the world's first action figure's debut this month. Over those five decades, the GI Joe brand (sold as Action Man in the UK) has seen wild swings in its popularity—a barometer of the public's regard for the military—and undergone numerous design evolutions. Read More >>

'My Monopoly' Lets You Name Your Own Properties on a Custom Board

Bond Street, Mayfair, and even Old Kent Road are all iconic properties on the world's most popular board game. But what if you wanted to play a game of Monopoly with locales you were actually familiar with? A simple Sharpie is one solution, but so is Hasbro's My Monopoly game. It lets you create a custom board online—with graphics and properties of your choosing—that's then delivered right to your door. Read More >>

Michael Bay Is Why Transformers Got So Complicated

Have you tried to put together a Transformer lately? Without an instruction booklet, you stand a better chance of dismantling a nuclear warhead than making Optimus look like Prime, instead of a 16-wheeler with a robot head for a butt. That wasn't always the case. Read More >>

Autobots Assembled: How Transformers Come to Life

Transformers. There's maybe no more iconic toy, especially if you're a child of the '80s and '90s. And while the memories of making them shapeshift are indelible, the process of actually building one from scratch is far more involved (or exactly as involved, if you spent your entire childhood dreaming of this) as you'd imagine. Read More >>

star wars
The Origin of Darth Vader: The New Star Wars Figures at Toy Fair

For all the Star Wars news lately, there hasn't been much that affects what action figures we'll be seeing for the next few years. For now? We're getting new recreations of classic outfits from the movies. Read More >>

The Biggest Transformer Ever Made: Metroplex

If you're not a Transformers fan, you'd be excused if you didn't know exactly who Metroplex is. After some comprehensive research, we've figured out he's really tall and holds Optimus in his hand a lot. Oh, also, he's a new gigantic 24-inch transformer—the biggest ever made. Read More >>

Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man & The Avengers: All the New Marvel Action Figures

Last year was basically the biggest year ever for Marvel, with the Avengers movie blowing everyone's expectations out of the water. So what do you make action figures of this year? Plenty, actually. Read More >>

Vote Which Monopoly Token Should Keep Passing Go

Say goodbye to your childhood. In order to herald in an age of change, Hasbro's "Save Your Token" campaign is asking you to pick which memory of your youth you'd like to watch fade to nothingness. Read More >>

The Court Transcript For the Hasbro vs. Asus Transformer Prime Case Is Hilarious

Last year it was announced that Hasbro was going to sue Asus over the branding of the Transformer Prime; apparently, people all over the planet were confusing a tablet with shape-shifting robots. Now the case has been settled — Hasbro lost — but the court ruling is quite hilarious. Read More >>

Hasbro Sues Asus Over the Name Transformer Prime

I don't know about you, but I often get confused between fictional robots that can assume the form of everyday objects, and fancy new Android tablets. Fortunately, toymaker Hasbro feels my pain. Read More >>


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