Dappy's New Hashtag Tattoo Will Keep Him Trending So Long as He Has a Face

In an effort to ensure he is "trending forever", Celebrity Big Brother inmate and sometime pop-chart botherer Dappy has had a hashtag tattooed onto his face. Always with his finger on the pulse of the cultural zeitgeist, a Twitter executive recently called the hashtag "arcane" amidst rumours it's preparing to ditch the feature altogether. [Daily Mail] Read More >>

The Very First Hashtag, @Reply, and Retweet Ever

For better or worse (ok, probably worse), the hashtag, @reply, and retweet have become inextricable from modern language, and it's hard to imagine a time when saying "hashtag blessed" would have seemed insane. But all things must originate from somewhere, and Quartz has managed to track down the founding fathers of all three. Read More >>

WSJ: Facebook Stealing Hashtags From Twitter

If you're #dying for #newwaystoexpressyourself then you're about to read some #goodnews (#rumoralert!). The #wallstreetjournal says #facebook will "incorporate the hashtag" on its own (#copying much?). Read More >>

French Government Abolishes the Hashtag

The French, probably in the midst of a Malian air war adrenaline rush, have gone on another offensive: the hashtag is out. From now on, it's called a mot-dièse, which is sort of like a Twitter Royale with Cheese. Read More >>

Did Someone Really Name Their Kid Hashtag?

The problem with kooky people having babies? The names they come up with! Gone are the days of John and Jane, it's now all about a senseless race to the bottom in idiotic naming. Fallyn, Sharpay, Zebulon and <a href="">other horrible names are real things people call their kids! But the worst named baby just might've been born. She's called Hashtag Jameson. Read More >>

How the Hashtag Is Ruining the English Language

If Twitter is useful for anything beyond a flamethrower of breaking news and URL errata, it's forcing us to be considerate about language—we have to use space wisely. Unfortunately, the hashtag is ruining talking. #NotGonnaLie Read More >>


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