How Much Better is House of Cards in 4K?

Netflix announced at CES that it would begin shooting original series in ultra high-def 4K, and now British site HDTVtest has caught the first glimpse of the streaming giant's 4K content in the wild. How much more evil does Kevin Spacey look? Read More >>

Mystery Samsung SM-G906S Mobile May be Quad HD Galaxy S5

An unknown Samsung model number has popped up in the GFXBench testing tools, with something operating under the Samsung-style model number of SM-G906S appearing to have a 2560 x 1440 resolution display. The Galaxy S5 HD? Read More >>

Watching Planes Land From Space is Like a Video Game Brought to Life

Ever wanted to watch the world—in real-time HD—from space? Well prepare to experience what it'd be like if the world was your very own video game and check out a few planes landing at the Bejiing airport. It'll be the coolest planespotting you've ever done. Read More >>

4K iPad Pro Rumoured for Late 2014 Launch

The reason we've seen several future iPad models mentioned may have been cleared up by a new wave of internet leaks, which claim a next-gen iPad with a 2K display is due early in 2014, before a higher-resolution 4K "iPad Pro" appears later in the year. Read More >>

BBC's Five New-ish HD Channels Arrive on December 10th

Five "new" HD channels from the BBC are scheduled to appear tomorrow, when BBC Three HD, BBC Four HD, BBC News HD, CBeebies HD and CBBC HD go live. Same stuff, but now with a minimum guaranteed number of pixels. Read More >>

Apple Rumoured to be Testing 2K and 4K Resolution 12.9-inch iPad XXXL

More rumours have emerged regarding Apple's plan to blow up its iPad range, suggesting that two 12.9-inch models are currently undergoing final testing at its Chinese hardware partners. Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 929 Handled by American Football Fan

This noisy video clip shows a phone allegedly known as the Nokia Lumia 929, one forthcoming Nokia model we didn't see at last week's big event. It's smaller, chunkier, blacker and has a 1080 x 1920 resolution display. Read More >>

Chinese Phone Maker Builds Entirely Unnecessary 1440 x 2560 Resolution Smartphone

There's a new player in town when it comes to making things bigger than they need to be in mobile phone world, with the Chinese-made Vivo Xplay3S Android phone featuring an unfeasibly high 1440 x 2560 resolution screen. Read More >>

New Sky+HD Boxes Now Have Wi-Fi as Standard

Both models of Sky+HD box distributed in the UK from now on will have Wi-Fi built into the box, with both the standard unit and the 2TB whopper now able to hook into your home network without the need to shove wires under the carpet. Read More >>

xbox one
Xbox One's Game DVR Game Capture Locked at 720p Resolution

Xbox One's built-in game footage buffer is limited to recording at 720p/30fps resolution, regardless of how high-res the actual game you're actually playing may be. Read More >>

LG Bringing its 4K TV Power to the UK

LG's sent us a press release packed with capital letters, informing us that its ULTRA HD NANO FULL LED Tru-ULTRA HD IPS TV sets will be hitting the UK. That's 4K resolution packed into in 55-inch and 65-inch models, in normal, lower-case speak. Read More >>

Japan Testing 4K Video Streams Through the Internet

Imagine how rubbish your internet's going to be when all your neighbours and their kids are streaming films in 4K all evening on their TVs and laptops. That's the scenario being tested in Japan right now, where one network is bunging 4K content to its subscribers down a standard broadband connection. Read More >>

xbox one
Xbox One Can do 4K Resolution if Developers Want it to

Just like the Xbox 360 gave people their first opportunity to see "content" delivered at 720p resolution, the Xbox One is opening the door to 4K displays. The new console is capable of outputting both 3D and 4K material, although it's unlikely any big-budget games will support it, what with the immense strain that sort of resolution would place on the hardware. Microsoft says the ultra-HD format will be used for "video and interface portions" initially. [Forbes] Read More >>

Netflix: People Are Honest and We're Killing the Torrenting Habit

The Chief Content Officer of streaming giant Netflix claims the modern trend for easily streaming legal content is impacting on the more hardcore Bittorrent scene, with pirate traffic dropping in countries when Netflix switches on its servers. According to Netflix's Ted Sarandos, this is because "...people are mostly honest." Read More >>

Lovefilm Launches 'Next Generation App'/HD Streaming

A double-whammy from Lovefilm this morning: not only is there a new app rolling for all Lovefilm Instant devices, bringing a revamped UI and Watchlist functions, but HD streaming is finally being extended to more platforms. As of this morning, HD streaming is enabled on the PS3 (720p only, boo), but hopefully this heralds the arrival of glorious HD streaming on even more devices. Fingers crossed. Read More >>

BBC and Sony Providing Wimbledon 2013 Gusset Shots at 4K Resolution

You'll be able to scrutinise Andy Murray's face for signs of emotion better than ever this summer, thanks to Sony and the BBC coming together to film and broadcast some test matches at the stonkingly high 4K resolution. Read More >>


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