How Much Better is House of Cards in 4K?

Netflix announced at CES that it would begin shooting original series in ultra high-def 4K, and now British site HDTVtest has caught the first glimpse of the streaming giant's 4K content in the wild. How much more evil does Kevin Spacey look? Read More >>

Reuters: Panasonic Is Going to Kill Off Its Plasma TVs by March 2014

According to Reuters, Panasonic is going to stop production of its fantastic plasma TV sets by March 2014. That sucks. But also not surprising since previous reports had hinted at Panasonic planning to cut its TV production and that the TV market has been overtaken by seemingly every other technology not named plasma. Read More >>

A 64:9 Ultra-Wide Camera That Captures an Entire Sporting Event At Once

When the NHK in Japan first developed the spec for what would eventually be officially known as HDTV, they opted for a 16:9 aspect ratio, instead of the more traditional 4:3, which better filled a human's vision. But Panasonic apparently feels that's still not wide enough, at least when it comes to capturing the action on a sports field. So it's developed a multi-camera system that can capture 720P at an astonishing 64:9. Read More >>

Japan Testing 4K Video Streams Through the Internet

Imagine how rubbish your internet's going to be when all your neighbours and their kids are streaming films in 4K all evening on their TVs and laptops. That's the scenario being tested in Japan right now, where one network is bunging 4K content to its subscribers down a standard broadband connection. Read More >>

Want One of Sony's Affordable 4K TVs? 55-Inches Will Run You £4,000

We've finally got shipping dates and prices for Sony's surprisingly affordable 4K TVs in the UK. The Bravia X9 is now up for pre-order starting at a wallet-crushing, but-slightly-less-than-a-car, £4,000 for the 55-incher, with its bigger 65-inch brother setting you back a £6,000. Considering that's basically what a top-end HDTV cost up until about 4 years ago, that's practically reasonable. Both ship mid-June if you've got the collateral. Read More >>

BBC and Sony Providing Wimbledon 2013 Gusset Shots at 4K Resolution

You'll be able to scrutinise Andy Murray's face for signs of emotion better than ever this summer, thanks to Sony and the BBC coming together to film and broadcast some test matches at the stonkingly high 4K resolution. Read More >>

Wow, You Can Actually Afford This £900 50-inch 4K LED HDTV

4K TVs are visual deliciousness in a box but are a little (to put it lightly) out of reach for peasants like us as they come with a price tag either equal to the cost of a car, or are only considered cheap because they're graciously not priced like a car. Eyegasms ain't cheap friends. But one company whose name I'm not even sure how to pronounce is trying to change the whole damn game. SEIKI has a 50-inch 4K TV for only £900. Yeah. Read More >>

Every Apple Product Supposedly in the Works

Did you hear the latest rumour about Apple's "explorations" into a Dick Tracey-like smartwatch that'll soon be attaching itself to everybody's wrists? It's coming soon. Or never. But it's just another one of an avalanche of products Apple is rumoured to have in the works. Read More >>

Compare the Meerkat Like Never Before with the BBC's 4K Nature Documentary

There are probably only six 4K-TV-owners out there, but golly darn gosh the Beeb's an equal-opportunities broadcaster, and it's going to cater to them. Specifically, the Beeb's planning to make its next big nature documentary in glorious 4K for the well-heeled's viewing pleasure. Read More >>

Point and Laugh With/At LG's Updated Magic Remote

This isn't Christmas 2012's hottest sex toy. It's LG's revised Magic Remote, the new way to turn the act of changing channels into a never-ending loop of frustration. Read More >>

LG Bringing Ultra Definition 4K 3D TV to the World This September

This pair of hard-working delivery ladies have just pulled LG's latest mega TV off the back of their lorry, bringing the world's first home 4K super-resolution TV along with them. Read More >>

How You'll Watch the Olympics in 2016

The Olympics are just barely over, and you're still probably nursing your sport-scorched eyeballs. Give your mind a break after all that TV. But in just four short years, we'll be at it again. So how will we watch the Olympiad next time? Read More >>

Samsung's New Flagship Is Smarter Than Your Average Television

The age of the Internet is transforming our televisions from unidirectional broadcast nodes to interactive and intelligent communications devices. Take Samsung's new ES9000 Smart TV series for example. Read More >>

Here Is Your New Biggest (LED) TV in The World

The LC-90LE745U has a long, unmemorable name. The LC-90LE745U costs over £6,000—you probably can't afford it. The LC-90LE745U is 90-inches wide: the biggest LED LCD TV in the world, and it's completely beautiful. The LC-90LE745U completely dominates your eyeballs. Memorised that model name, yet? Read More >>

Panasonic Steals Crown for Giant 8k TV That Will Melt Your Face

We thought Sharp's eye-skewering, 85-inch 8k TV ad CES was an act of Zeus. It literally made us nauseous, it looked so good. But that's nothing, as of right now: Panasonic just dropped a 145-inch 7,680 x 4,320 mega-set. Read More >>

Apple's New Patent All But Confirms an Apple HDTV Is in the Works

Well, if you needed any further convincing that Apple’s working on an HDTV here it is – Apple’s been awarded a patent for some high refresh rate LCD technology for a TV, all but confirming that Cupertino’s working up the fabled iTV. Read More >>


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