Wow, You Can Actually Afford This £900 50-inch 4K LED HDTV

4K TVs are visual deliciousness in a box but are a little (to put it lightly) out of reach for peasants like us as they come with a price tag either equal to the cost of a car, or are only considered cheap because they're graciously not priced like a car. Eyegasms ain't cheap friends. But one company whose name I'm not even sure how to pronounce is trying to change the whole damn game. SEIKI has a 50-inch 4K TV for only £900. Yeah. Read More >>

Sorry, You Probably Can't Afford Samsung's Gorgeous Super OLED TV of the Future

When we saw the gorgeous Samsung Super OLED TV at CES, we were stunned. We wanted it in our living room. We thought about stealing it. We wanted to buy it but turns out, we can't afford it. It's going to cost around £5,500. Read More >>

How Canon's Making Our Gorgeous 4K Dreams a Reality

The Canon EOS-1D C is the 4K DSLR that many filmmakers have been clamoring for. It costs £10,000, which means you can't afford it. Bummer? Hardly. Canon's paving the road to a beautiful super-high-resolution future. Get excited. Read More >>

All the Beautiful New HDTVs Are So Freaking Expensive

When companies announced their latest models last month, the future of television looked good and bright and true. Apparently it's also really freaking expensive. Read More >>

My Eyes Orgasmed When I Saw the Samsung Super OLED TV

My eyes have never felt so good than when they saw Samsung Super OLED TV. IT WAS SOO CLEAR. I went to go see it up close and it's beaaaautiful. Seriously, you'll see its gorgeousness in the video above but it's even better looking in person. Criminally good lookin'. Read More >>

I Talked to Samsung's Voice-and-Face-Recognising Smart TVs and It Kind of Sucked

Samsung's new and supposedly snazzy Smart TV, the UNES8000, promises to use voice and face recognition to let you control your TV without any remotes. You know, the future of TV interfaces, according to a lot of companies lately. Read More >>

Why Is Samsung's New Monitor More Expensive Than an Apple Thunderbolt Display?

In about a week, there's gonna be a firehose of gadgets coming at you, and let's hope they're all as easy on the eyes as these early arrivers from Samsung, especially the monstrously expensive but apparently very good Series 9 Monitor. Read More >>


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