Adidas Originals X Monster Headphones for That Upside Down Run-DMC Look

After blinding all CES goers with dazzling 24K over-ears, Monster's latest headphone partnership is with Adidas Originals. Now your cans can match your Samba sneakers, meaning no head-to-toe Adidas suit will be complete without them. Read More >>

V-Moda XS Headphones Review: Indestructible Cans With Runway Looks

V-Moda, the decade-old veteran of the new-wave of headphones is just launching a fresh set of impressively over-engineered cans. They fit you snug like a tailored suit and last as long as a tank. Read More >>

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*Reminder Klaxon* Enter Our Latest Shooting Challenge, and Bag an Awesome Pair of Grado Headphones

Hey everyone! Look over here! Can you hear that? It's our Gizmodo klaxon blaring out to remind you that you can enter our Shooting Challenge for the chance to win a pair of fancy Grado Headphones. All you have to do is take a picture of a toy, or toys, of a non-electrical variety and send them in for adjudication. Entries must be in by 6pm, February 3rd, 2014. Read the full rules, and good luck. Read More >>

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How Sennheiser Designs Serious Headphones For a Smartphone Generation

For decades, German audio company Sennheiser has made some of the best headphones you can buy, regardless of whether you're trying to keep it thrifty or splurge. In recent years, though, the legacy brand has had to adapt its technology to an era when how consumers listen to music has radically changed. Read More >>

Bowers & Wilkins Team Up With Maserati for Cash-Injected Cans

Bowers & Wilkins have announced the release of a new special edition Maserati collaboration, the P5, which they promise delivers "the perfect marriage of brand partnership that celebrates luxury, elegance and unrivalled performance". This perfect marriage will set you back £329.99. Read More >>

50 Cent Would Like to Talk To You About His Headphones

I became aware of 50 Cent's favourite Instagram hashtag before the headphones they're promoting. A snapshot of a statue orgy? #SMSAudio. A picture of Claire Huxtable? #SMSAudio. Everything #SMSAudio, all of the time. Curtis Jackson knows a thing or two about social engagement. Read More >>

Monster's 24K Headphones are Even More Ridiculously Pimp; Adidas Originals Cans Coming Soon

Just in case you thought celebrity-endorsed headphones were a thing of the past, Monster used CES as the opportunity to announce its latest offerings to the headphones market, including a fresh new partnership with Adidas Originals. Read More >>

Sennheiser's DJ Cans Get Overhauled for the Rigours of the Modern Club

Sennheiser's HD25 DJ headphones are icons. They're also 25 years old, and up against some tough competition. So Sennheiser took their balanced sound and crammed them into a new line of headphones, lead by the HD8 DJ. Classic sonics, meet the comforts of a new millennium. Read More >>

Family Opens Beats Headphones on Christmas Day, Finds Tuna Instead

It's Christmas Day. You've carefully wrapped the Beats headphones your daughter's been dreaming of, and she's just about to see that dream become a reality. You look on with glee as she tears the paper from her brand new set of cans only to find that these cans were not the cans she was looking for. These cans, it seems, were filled with tuna. Read More >>

A Headphone Splitter That Lets Each Listener Control Their Own Volume

Sharing a single set of earbuds is bad, but being at the mercy of another person controlling the volume when using a headphone splitter isn't great either. The folks at Wicked Audio have just solved that problem, thanks to this simple splitter that gives each listener their own volume dial. Read More >>

These Just Might be the Goofiest Lo-Fi Headphones You'll Ever Hear

Strapping on a pair of oversized headphones is a great way to shut out the world. But what if the beat was coming from outside the earpads?? For his latest trick, prolific sonic experimentalist Zimoun crafted a makeshift noise-maker out of a pair of mini-pizza-looking boxes, two prepared DC motors, and a couple of cotton balls. Read More >>

Boris Blames Headphones for London's Cycling Deathwave and Wants Them Banned

Comedy London Mayor Boris Johnson is suggesting that bike riders wearing headphones as they cut through the city's traffic may be partially responsible for causing the rash of recent deaths, and suggests a ban on cyclists wearing headphones while riding may be a good idea on safety grounds. Read More >>

Do You Use Noise-Cancelling Headphones?

Peace and quiet is valuable in life. Sometimes you just want to zone out or hone in on something important. I remember being amazed when my school science teacher passed around his personal noise-cancelling headphones and let us all try them. Read More >>

A Tiny Matchbook-Sized USB DAC Will Make Your Headphones Sound Sublime

If you've dropped a small fortune on a nice pair of over-the-ear headphones but are just connecting them to your laptop's built-in headphone jack, you're probably not hearing everything you paid for. For a better sonic experience, a dedicated DAC—or digital to analog converter—is the route you want to go. And Cambridge Audio has managed to squeeze its new DacMagic XS into a package as small as a matchbox—so it's incredibly portable. Read More >>

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Bypass Your PC's Crummy Built-In Soundcard With an External DAC/Headphone Amplifier

If you consider yourself an audiophile, and have a large collection of digital music, you've probably spent a large chunk of change on a pair of headphones to plug into your PC or Mac. But here's the kicker: those headphones are only as good as the soundcard installed on your computer. And if you have a crummy soundcard, your music will sound lacklustre regardless of the luxury cans you slap over your ears. Read More >>


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