How Space Heat Helps Us Hunt Down Alien Technologies

My colleagues and I have begun the Glimpsing Heat from Alien Technologies (G-HAT) SETI programme, which has been written about here on Centauri Dreams and in other places, like in this nice summary article. I describe some of the foundations of the search here on my blog, but I have written up this short primer for Centauri Dreams to collect much of what is there into a single post. Read More >>

Who Fancies Trying a Man's 8p-a-day Room Heating Method?

This week's viral internet sensation isn't a cat eating a wasp, a lady falling over or down something, or a baby saying something stupid because its brain doesn't work properly yet -- it's a rather ordinary man talking about convection heating systems. Read More >>

British Gas Boss Battered in Twitter Q&A Disaster

Bert Pijls, the customer services director for British Gas in the UK, thought it might be a good idea to get in touch with the common people by manning a live Q&A on Twitter. It didn't go particularly well for him. Read More >>

Force India Captures F1 Crash in Glowy, Extra-Worrying Thermal Vision

F1 driver Paul di Resta made a bit of a mess of things over the weekend, forgetting to slow down and whacking the car in front of him. What made this mundane F1 incident more interesting than most bumps was the way it was captured in heat-detecting thermal vision. Read More >>

What a Sweltering City Really Looks Like in the Summer

Taken by Nickolay Lamm from, these thermal images show the hidden heat harassment the concrete jungle is almost always perpetrating. Leaves and trees have the ability to stay cool by transpiration, the plant equivalent of good old fashioned sweat. But buildings and asphalt aren't so lucky, so you can thank them for the swealtering, urban heat. Read More >>

An Injury Primer: When to Heat, When to Ice It

When you're faced with a sports-related injury, half of your friends will be adamant that ice is the only way to treat it. The other half will tell you that heat is the way to go. The problem is that most of your friends are idiots. So, which of your idiot friends are you supposed to listen to? Read More >>

What Are Your Tips For Staying Cool In Baking Britain?

It's bloody hot right now across most of the UK, and considering the country really isn't geared-up for this kind of heatwave, it's taking its toll. So, it's time to brainstorm good ways to keep cool, because the weather forecast reckons it's going to be into the 30s next week too. Phew. Read More >>

A Desk Fan Is Your Heat-Wave-Survival-Tool Deal of the Day

Well, we waited months for summer to pitch up and now that it's finally here, let's be honest, it's a bit... warm, isn't it? Not that we're pining for sleet but the heat is fairly oppressive and it's making us sweat. Read More >>

Google's Android Jelly Bean Just Can't Stand the Heat

Google's pretty proud of its latest and greatest, and by the looks of it, Jelly Bean is truly smoking; so hot in fact that its commemorative Googleplex statue couldn't take it any more -- its head popped clean off. Read More >>

A Galaxy S III Exploded and Melted a Little Bit, But We're Sure Yours is OK

That sorry sight up there is a man's prized new Galaxy S III, which melted after "white flame, sparks and a bang" came out of the thing while the smartphone was sitting in his car-mounted dock. Read More >>

What's Cooking Your iPad? It's Probably All the Fiery Little LEDs

Apparently the iPad’s new screen really pushes the limits of what’s possible in something that small, and one of the unfortunate consequences seems to be excess heat. We know the iPad has twice the number of LEDs powering the screen’s backlight and apparently they’re the heat source that’s likely the most to blame for the smoking tablets. Read More >>

The New iPad Blazes Up to 116 Degrees. But How Hot Is That?

It seems the newest iPad is running a bit hot—and now Consumer Reports says just how hot: a scorchin' 46 degrees (Celsius). That's too hot, right? Well, see for yourself. Read More >>

Thermal Images Show the New iPad Definitely Runs Hotter (Updated)

Since it's launch, there's been talk about the new iPad running hot. Well, here's some proof: these images show the outer case gets 5 degrees Celsius warmer than its predecessor. Read More >>

This Weirdly Hot Weather Even Has the Weather Peeps Freaked

Our intrepid reporter Mr. Mat Honan spent some time in Kentucky this past week, and he said the weather was incredibly, unseasonably hot. It was 27°C in March. Back in Blighty, we've also been enjoying an uncharacteristically warm and dry March. Not normal. What the heck? Read More >>


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