Man's Best Friend Doesn't Need Its Own Air-Conditioner

Pet owners try to do everything they can to make their pets as comfortable as possible. But if you're content to let your dog sleep outside, Climate Right's dedicated heating and air conditioning unit for their dog house is a bit much. Read More >>

Carbon Nanotube Coated Fibers Could One Day Lead To Self-Heating Clothing

Working with Hokkaido University, Kuraray Living has created a soft washable fabric woven with carbon nanotube coated fibers that produces heat when electricity is applied. So when it's perfected, your electric blanket could get a lot less bulky. Read More >>

Heat Seeking Robot Absorbs and Shares The Warmth In Your Home

It's useless for keeping your floors clean, but those of us living in colder climates will certainly appreciate this concept Hagent robot that seeks out the warmest places in your home, absorbing the heat to share with you later. Read More >>


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