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How the Hell Did This Helicopter Land on a Barrier?

I wonder if people could ever land a helicopter like this in a video game, let alone real life. [Melvatnet via Digg] Read More >>

Every Ceiling Fan Should Be a Helicopter Ceiling Fan

If you love yourself, your kid, your house, your life, you should have a helicopter ceiling fan in your house. We've seen aviation inspired ceiling fans before (and even an awesome inverted chopper fan), but this helicopter ceiling fan will always look like it's flying in your room while it's cooling it down. Read More >>

This Is the Army's £125,000 Secret Toy Helicopter

For a few years, small children (and me) have had the fun of flying cheap 'n cheerful RC helicopters around, pretending to be Apache pilots, sometimes with the requisite sound effects. The Army's decided to get in on the fun, spending some £20 million on an Urgent Operational Requirement for mini-surveillance aircraft. Let's be honest though - the Army's buying ittle bittle toy helicopters. Read More >>

Helicopter Hits Crane and Crashes In London's Vauxhall

It sounds like something out of a bad movie, but apparently an unidentified helicopter has just collided with a crane on top of a building in Vauxhall, Central London, bringing the chopper down, and the crane with it. Read More >>

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Helicopter Crashes Right on the Beach

I don't know what's wrong with helicopters in Brazil, but they keep crashing in the most idiotic ways possible. Check out this one, which was going a little bit too close to the beach until it finally crashed into the waves. [Bing] Read More >>

There's No Way I'd Get In This Low-Level Self-Flying Helicopter

Real pilots? Please. The US Army's so intent on cutting costs that they've developed a system that lets helicopters fly themselves. Would I ever get in one? Hell to the no. Read More >>

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Watch an Awesome Man in a Wheelchair Build a Helicopter From Trash

This short documentary by Tyler Bastian and Cameron Trejo is called Everything is Incredible and well, it's pretty freaking incredible. It's about a man named Agustín from Honduras who can't walk, lives in poverty, yet still wants to fulfil a dream: to fly. He spends his days making a helicopter from trash. Read More >>

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Here's Kim Dotcom Being Chased By a Helicopter

Kim Dotcom just posted an image of a helicopter chasing his car. Is that the New Zealand police? The FBI in a rented helicopter? The press? A playful friend? He hasn't shared any more details, but it's pretty amazing, in a Ray Liotta's Goodfellas way. Read More >>

Human-Powered Helicopter Soars to New Heights, Literally

This past June, a determined pilot managed to keep the human-powered Gamera II in the air for a whopping 50 seconds. Impressive, but it only hovered a little. This flight, while much shorter, nabbed a record of its own by soaring to the great height of 8 feet. Read More >>

This Is One of the Worst Deaths I Can Imagine

I hate, hate, HATE, the idea of being trapped in the water upside down. Or down upside. Or whatever side. It's one of the worst deaths I can imagine. Thankfully, if you are a USAF helicopter pilot, there's a way out: Read More >>

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Watch This: POV Aerial Shots Taken with $12k Copter

Birds Eye Productions specialises in high-quality, remotely-controlled miniature helicopters for photography and videography. Their 2012 show reel is incredible example of the state of the art of this technology. [Reddit] Read More >>

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Flying an RC Helicopter From a Real Airplane Looks Like Fun

This guys thought it would be cool to fly an RC helicopter in formation with a real airplane, controlled from the airplane itself. It's pretty cool to see the helo spinning on the tarmac just to spring to the air as the Cessna gets within radio range. Read More >>

The World's Least Practical Flying Car Takes Flight

Flying cars are the Jetsons dream that never came true. But wait, some Dutch dudes have cobbled together a weird-ass helicar contraption that combines all the worst, most impractical elements of car and helicopter into one amazingly expensive prototype! Thank goodness. Read More >>

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This Is the Weirdest, Most Hilarious Helicopter Accident I've Ever Seen

Nobody was injured in this weird, weird, WEIRD helicopter accident, so you can laugh away from minute one. I feel sorry for the people getting shaken so badly, but it is hilarious. Read More >>

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This Is Why You Shouldn't Land a Helicopter Next to a Giant Tent

When landing a helicopter, I guess there are a few basic rules to follow. Make sure you don't land on people likely comes first, but a close second is probably to avoid landing near things that stand a good chance of getting blown away. This pilot didn't remember that part. Read More >>

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Watch a Drone Chopper Land on a Moving Target, and Wonder Why Pilots Still Exist

How can you make an autonomous helicopter cooler? By teaching it to land by itself on a moving platform, that's how. Read More >>


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