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Every Helicopter in the US Military Could Soon Be a Drone

The MQ-8 Fire Scout might be the US military's marquee pilotless helicopter, but it's not the only one. A pair of R/C Kaman K-Max K-1200 choppers have proven their value resupplying forward operating bases in Afghanistan and, now, the Department of Defence is developing a system to turn any helicopter into a remotely operated whirley bird. Read More >>

Jackass Who Lasered Children's Hospital Chopper Gets 14-Year Sentence

Astounding moron Sergio Rodriguez got slapped with a 14-year prison sentence earlier this month, convicted of aiming a handheld laser pointer at an emergency medical helicopter delivering a young patient to the Children's Hospital of Central California. Remember folks, trying to blind pilots in the air is a very, very bad idea. Read More >>

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This is a Picture of the Sound a Helicopter Makes

This might look like the cut-stick project of a small child, but in fact this image visualises the noise that a helicopter makes as it tears through the air. Really. Read More >>

Quadcopters? Please. We've Got Octodecacopters Now.

Four small corner mounted rotors has become the most common configuration for autonomous hovering aircraft these days. But it turns out that if you're willing to add a few more rotors into the mix, like say 16 suddenly you've got yourself an octodecacopter that's strong enough to carry a couple of human passengers. Read More >>

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​This Wacky Sci-Fi Plane-Copter Hybrid Was Totally Almost a Thing

By the end of WWII, the basics of helicopter technology as we know it had generally been worked out and we'd begun to reach the aircraft's physical limitations. For the US Air Force, the solution to this issue running up against these performance walls was simple: blorb the best parts of a helicopter and jet together into the chimeric delta-wing Convertiplane. Read More >>

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There's No Escaping These Pack-Hunting Soviet Assault Choppers

Sure the MI-24 Hind packs a wallop, but it's big, heavy, and cumbersome to fly. So to penetrate enemy territory Russia designed and built the agile and deadly Black Shark assault chopper. All it's missing is a frickin' laser. Read More >>

A Tiny Folding RC Helicopter That Squeezes Into Its Own Controller

If there's one thing kids like more than toys, it's toys small enough to sneak and bring wherever they go. And while RC cars and choppers have gotten remarkably small over the years, this particularly tiny helicopter from Docooler one-ups them all with a clever folding design that lets you store and transport it in its own wireless controller. Read More >>

A Swiss Man Was Killed By His Remote-Controlled Helicopter

A 41-year-old man flying a Gaui X7 model helicopter in Lucerne, Switzerland suffered head and arm injuries and died after he was presumably struck by the helicopter. The model weighs 2.5 kilos, is about 3.5 metres long, and has a rotor diameter of about 4 metres. Read More >>

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Egyptian Protesters Painted a Helicopter With Hundreds of Laser Pointers

People in Egypt, in case you haven't heard, aren't too happy with the state of things under President Mohamed Morsi. Cairo has been beset with protests and riots since early this morning. Read More >>

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The New Fastest Helicopter on Earth Can Fly at an Insane 300MPH

Most helicopters are built for hovering, not for speed. But the Eurocopter X3 is built for both. The demonstrator tilt-rotor aircraft proved as much when it set a pair of air speed records earlier this month. Read More >>

Yep, That's a Helicopter Bicycle

OK, so none of us probably have any use for a flying bike, but it's alright to want one. It's perfectly natural. So just let the wild envy wash over you as this Frankenstein machine takes flight. Read More >>

Mass Nerd Orgasms Triggered by iPad-Controlled Helicopter Food Delivery at Sushi Bar

The impending disaster in this embedded video is being orchestrated by something languishing with the name iTray, which is an iPad-controlled helicopter food tray thing a trendy London sushi establishment is using to ferry food to its customers. As a one-off stunt thing, but still. Read More >>

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The US Navy's Largest Chopper Is an Aerial Mine Hunter

Submerged mines were once the scourge of sea warfare, silently lurking in bays and channels to blow a hole in your hull. That's why the US military has developed a trident countermeasure, hunting for the underwater bombs from below the waves, along the surface, and from the air using the biggest bird in the Navy's arsenal, the MH-53E Sea Dragon. Read More >>

The World's Smallest RC Helicopter Can Be Destroyed By a Fly Swatter

it was impressive enough when toymakers found a way to make remote control helicopters small and safe enough to fly around indoors. But their miniaturisation efforts continue on as toymaker Silverlit introduces the Nano-Falcon, an RC chopper so tiny that Guinness has officially granted it the world record for smallest IR-controlled helicopter.
At just over two-and-a-half inches long, the Nano-Falcon has certainly earned that title. A lot of its internal components and electronics were made possible by advancements and miniaturization of smartphone technology, and despite its tiny form factor the Nano-Falcon is still fully maneuverable with the IR controller that dwarfs the craft. When it becomes available next month it will sell for around £30 but your newfound ability to discreetly buzz and annoy co-workers? That's priceless. Read More >>

Every Ceiling Fan Should Be a Helicopter Ceiling Fan

If you love yourself, your kid, your house, your life, you should have a helicopter ceiling fan in your house. We've seen aviation inspired ceiling fans before (and even an awesome inverted chopper fan), but this helicopter ceiling fan will always look like it's flying in your room while it's cooling it down. Read More >>


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