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This Insane Helmet Cam Video Shows What It's Like to Be a Firefighter

If you ever want to re-live your childhood dream of being a firefighter, watch the video up above. The helmet cam footage comes from Scott Ziegler, a firefighter in Michigan, USA, and shows a year's worth of fires from 2012. It's freaking intense. Read More >>

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This Helmet Cam Attached to a Falcon Shows You What It's Like to Fly and Hunt Like a Bird

Helmet cams are amazing at getting a first person perspective on any situation; you're literally able to see what they see. So how about attaching a little helmet camera to a falcon? Yep, you get to see what it's like to fly (surprisingly not shaky!) and see what it's like to hunt and kill (unsurprisingly messy). Read More >>

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I Almost Died Watching This Crazy Guy Ride His Dirt Bike on a Snowy Mountain Ridge

This guy, 87mcmahan87 on YouTube, is one ballsy son of a gun. Just watch this video. He recorded himself zooming around on his motorbike on a super skinny and snowy mountain ridge in Colorado. I almost died watching him balance, teeter and tease fate like a madman. If he slipped up, he would've come crashing down to his death. Read More >>


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