Trying Out a 3D-Scanner That Makes Helmets Custom-Molded to Your Head

It's not hard to find a badass-looking helmet for your adrenaline-fuelled hobbies. The trick is finding one that fits correctly. For decades, that's meant buying a standard (S/M/L) size lid and rearranging the padding to conform to your noggin. Recently, I got to try out a much better way. Read More >>

Is an Airbag for Your Head Really Safer Than a Bike Helmet?

Remember Hövding, the Swedish bike helmet released a few years back that looks like a stylish, poofy collar and supposedly inflates like an airbag upon impact? In a new video, the company explains more about how it works—claiming it's actually much safer than a traditional helmet. Read More >>

Engineers are Tracking American Football Helmet Data to Study Head Injuries

The prevalence of head injuries is the dark side of American Football. Now a University of Michigan engineering lab is installing sensors inside helmets which can help measure impact and spot potential brain injuries that might go undetected. Read More >>

These Hand-Painted Helmets Make Your Head a Work Of Art

Bikes have a long history as beautiful specimens for human transport—fun to ride and damn good looking, too. Helmets, however? They’ll protect your skull from being smashed on the pavement, but are pretty widely reviled from a fashion standpoint. People often don’t wear ‘em because, well... they just don’t look cool. So, question: would you be more inclined to be street safe if your helmet was a one-off work of art?
Belle Helmets is the brainchild of illustrator Danielle Baskin, who believes that hipping up the accessory will encourage more people to strap one on. Using non-toxic acrylic paints and water-based varnishes, Baskin adorns the CPSC-certified gear with everything from plaids to maps to pineapples. Some of these are admittedly very, very goofy—this denim model brings new meaning “butthead”—but some are super nice (I’m I’m partial to Klee and the composition book-esque Snow). She also does custom orders, so perhaps you could send her a pic and she’d do a realistic depiction of your own hair—a little trompe l’oeil magic. Read More >>

Colour Changing Hard Hats Highlight Brittle Sun Damage

Over exposure to the sun is of course bad for your skin, but that's not the only thing adversely affected by its rays. Man made materials like plastic will slowly degrade when left out in the sun, so 3M has developed a new line of hard hats featuring a colour-changing UV sensor that tells the wearer their head protection might not actually be so safe.
Hard hats are designed to deflect and absorb the impact of objects falling from above, but as they're exposed to sunlight for long periods of time the plastic can become brittle. So instead of protecting the wearer's head, they have a higher risk of just shattering, which of course provides no protection at all. Instead of just guessing if a hard hat is still ok, the red UVicator sensor on the front of 3M's new £9 models slowly fades to white, like a reverse sunburn, as an obvious indicator it's time to swap out your head gear. [3M via Gear Patrol] Read More >>

This Helmet Gives Eurofighters X-Ray Vision

In conventional combat aircraft, the target generally needs to be in both the pilot's field of vision and within the sights of the plane itself. That is, the plane needed to be pointed in the general direction of whatever you're shooting at. But in the case of the new Eurofighter Typhoon, pilots can squeeze off a few Sidewinders at bogies incoming from any direction thanks to a super helmet that links their eyes to the plane's electronic brain. Read More >>

Can a Helmet Made From Recycled Newspapers Really Protect Your Noggin?

As bike rental programs get more and more popular in big, tourist-friendly cities around the world, wouldn't it be great if occasional cyclists could get a temporary helmet on the cheap? That's the goal of the designers behind the Paper Pulp Project, who have designed a bike helmet made from recycled newspaper that costs less than £1.50 to produce, but is claimed to protect as well as a more expensive option. Read More >>

Hack a Bicycle Helmet To Hunt Down Citi Bike Stations

New York has finally joined the rest of the world with a city-wide bike rental program, users are finding great ways to further improve the service. Including Adafruit's Becky Stern who retrofitted a run-of-the-mill bike helmet with a wicked LED light show and a handy indicator that lets riders find the nearest Citi Bike station—ensuring they always get their ride back on time. Read More >>

This Predator Helmet Can Make Even the Tiniest Vespa Badass

Motorcycle riders don't get a lot of respect from other drivers on the road, but who's going to dare cut you off when you're cruising around looking like an intergalactic game hunter in this awesome Predator helmet. It's built on an actual motorcycle helmet so it's properly safety rated, but has been enhanced with a sculpted outer shell, a dreadlocks mullet, and even a tri-laser scope. Read More >>

Who Needs a GoPro When Your Helmet's Already a Camera?

GoPro all but owns the extreme action camera market, but as simple as its compact hardware is to use, you still need to find a way to safely mount it to your ride or helmet. And that's where the creators of the Video Head, a helmet with a built-in camera, think they have a better approach. Read More >>

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All the Space Helmets In Every Movie Ever

This video by Keith Melton is monumental: every space helmet in every movie ever, put together for our collective space nerdgasm. It's a pleasure to watch them all, even more so because of the amazing soundtrack: a perfect David Bowie's Space Oddity and The Beatles' Eleanor Rigby mashup. [Keith Melton via Geektyrant via Pewpewpew] Read More >>

Finally, An Actual Innovation In Helmet Technology

Motorbike crash helmets have essentially been the same old thing since they were invented 60+ years ago - an energy absorbing chunk of styrofoam glued into a hard outer shell. Sure, some have better graphics or cool vents or whatever, but that's the basic technology. Now, a tiny company in California is bringing actual technical innovation to that formula, all in the name of reducing concussions that result from low-speed impacts. Read More >>

The Ridiculous High-Concept Inflatable Bike Helmet Is Finally Buyable

If you're sick of your bike helmet and you'd rather have something that looks like a giant baseball mitt to protect your cranium, you're in luck. After seven whole years of development, the Hövding invisible helmet is finally available for purchase. Read More >>

The Tiny Yellow Sticker That Detects Accidents and Alerts Your Emergency Contacts

Expanding on its product line which makes it easy for someone to find your emergency contacts if you're injured, ICEdot (In Case of Emergency) is taking the idea one step further. Working with a company called SenseTech LLC, it's developing a tiny helmet sensor that knows when you've been in an accident, how severe it was, and automatically triggers your phone to call for help. Read More >>

Foldable Bike Helmet Stretches to Fit Your Oddly Shaped Head

Helmets are a crucial piece of safety equipment, but unless they fit just right, they can get uncomfortable. This new helmet by Carrera aims to solve that problem by stretching laterally to fit your fat (or not-so-fat) head. Read More >>

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How a Fighter Jet Pilot's Helmet Gets Made and Tested

Ever wondered how a fighter jet pilot's helmet works, displaying all those fancy graphics over his view? Or how it's tested to destruction? The BBC went behind the scenes at BAE systems to find out that if a helmet's a little too curved, it can pull a pilot's head right off. Read More >>


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