Nokia's Taking Google Maps Head-On With Its Own Souped-Up Version of Street View

Nokia's spied a gap in the market. With Google Maps unceremoniously dumped off the iPhone, and Apple Maps being an utter turd-pile, Nokia's got its eye on the mapping prize. It's just invested in its own 200-strong fleet of 'True cars' packed with sensors and cameras to map the streets in even more detail than Google's Street View cars did, with lasers and everything. Read More >>

Nokia's Apple Maps-Killing Here Maps Is Now Available for the iPhone

Hate Apple Maps? Good news: Nokia's Here maps are now up for free download for the iPhone and iPad. They certainly look different, and are packed with NAVTEQ maps, so should be accurate, unlike Apple's attempt. Voice-guided walking directions, offline maps, public transport, and driving directions are all there too. I just can't figure out how to activate the compass. [iTunes] Read More >>


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