Of Course the UK's First Bitcoin Cash Machine is in Shoreditch

With the capital's tech hub situated just around the corner and a double-denim army to fleece with the emperor's new clothes, where else but Shoreditch, hipster central of London, for the UK's first Bitcoin cash machine? Read More >>

Hipster Beard Transplants are all the Rage These Days

Everybody's heard of hair plugs, but did you realize you could get a full beard transplant? A growing number of men in New York and elsewhere are catching on. It's apparently becoming a very popular thing to do, especially in hipster-packed neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Bushwick. Read More >>

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How Mars Would Look If Rovers Were Into Instagram

Just after Mars rover Curiosity touched down, it sent home a selfie worthy of Instagram. But what if it was actually using Instagram? Nikos Kantarakias figured he might as well find out what that'd look like. Read More >>

Polaroid Revival Attempt #215: Launch an Android Picture Frame App

The current owners of the historically important Polaroid brand are attempting to make it relevant once again, launching another kind of image framing and filtering app for Android users. Just what we really needed. Read More >>

The Hilariously Scientific Medicine to Cure a Hipster

It's very likely that if you're reading this, you may be afflicted with Hyper Involuntary Panic Stress Tension Elevation also known as HIPSTER. Or maybe if you're not, you know someone who is. Here's the most hilarious way to cure them: Unpretentiousil. This spoof ad drops the science of being a hipster and how it can be broken down with the miracle cure. Brooklyn, Portland, Silver Lake... we're here to help. [YouTube via TDW] Read More >>

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Hipster Santa Keeps His List In the Cloud

Face it, Santa is pretty antiquated. I mean, what kind of crazy elf-powered factory must he have up there in the North pole in order to be churning out iPhones and laptops and Wii Us? Ridiculous as it is, you don't want him to get hip, because he'd turn into this. He'd keep his list in the cloud. He'd order all his gifts on Amazon Prime like the rest of us. God only knows what he'd do with Snapchat. Maybe some things are best left outdated. [Reddit] Read More >>

This Coffee Shop Just Wants Everyone To Stop Instagramming Already

Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco had something of a problem with loud customers being all "hipstery" and annoying the neighbors, so they posted a notice kindly asking hipsters to shut the hell up. Only a few days later, the sign had to be amended to include another forbidden act which had suddenly become popular: Instagramming the sign. Read More >>

Please Don't Ever Make the "Hashtag" Finger Gesture

You know that "quote" thing people do in the air with their fingers? There's a move afoot to introduce a similar thing for illustrating Twitter hashtags, letting fashionable media types add a "hashtag" to their conversation without actually having to say the word. Read More >>

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Some of the World's Most Beautiful Skate Decks Come From the Back of This Truck

Craftsmanship. Beauty. Customisation. Brooklyn. DL Skateboards, purveyors of skate decks and owners of impressive arm tattoos, specialises in all four. And they do it all from the back of a box truck. Read More >>

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Hipsterise the Entire World With the Instaglasses Rose Tinted Specs

This latest form of wearable computing is a concept piece designed by Markus Gerke, which would see a pair of "Instaglasses" specs automatically rose-tinting, posterising and Lomo-graphing everything you see, thanks to a camera that adds trendy filters to your whole life view. Read More >>

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Not Even Hipsters Know What the Higgs Boson Is

Human kind made history Wednesday when scientists announced that they'd discovered a new particle, which they were sure was the elusive Higgs boson. It might surprise you to know that hipsters haven't a clue what the Higgs is, even though it's incredibly simple. Read More >>

Skinny Jeans: The Staple of a Well-Dressed Geek's Wardrobe

Skinny jeans have been mocked in song, and at least one unfortunate guy has had the been roughed up for wearing them. Yet the skinny denim style is not waning. Quite the contrary! Read More >>

From Winston Churchill to Andre 3000: The Eclectic Appeal of the Bow Tie

No one wears ties anymore. Even fewer people wear bow ties. They're really freaking hard to tie, for one. And the resulting aesthetic is, shall we say, unusual. Read More >>


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