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By Jamie Condliffe on at

Does This Mona Lisa Pre-Date Da Vinci's?

Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is, arguably, the most famous painting in the world. But would it be devalued if it wasn't the original? We might soon find out, because a very similar painting from the same period has surfaced — and it's by a different artist.

By Kat Hannaford on at

What Would You Put On a Tech Timeline For the Last Decade?

Apparently it's O2's tenth birthday this year. Know who else is also celebrating double-digits? None other than the Gizmodo family! Is it wrong we got on the cider as soon as we heard? Anyway, we've teamed up with O2 to produce a mega tech-timeline from the last decade, and need YOUR help in choosing what gadgets deserve a place. For those chosen, fame and fortunes* await...

The World's Oldest Bed Is 77,000 Years Old

By Casey Chan on at

Archaeologists have found the world's oldest bed in South Africa and it's 50,000 years older than any bedding ever found. The 77,000-year-old bedding, which was made with medicinal plants, shows how creative our ancestors could be.

Here's What Leonardo da Vinci's To-Do List Looked Like in 1490

By Casey Chan on at

Even the brilliant mind of Leonardo da Vinci needed to jot things down in a notebook so he could remember what he needed to do. The only difference, of course, is that da Vinci's to-do list was much more complex than ours. I mean, who needs to calculate the measurement of Milan and its suburbs and learn how to repair a lock, canal and mill?

Is This Jack The Ripper's Knife?

By Jesus Diaz on at

This six-inch black blade belonged to the man on the left. His name is Sir John Williams—the surgeon of Queen Victoria and one of the main suspects in the eleven Whitechapel murders. This may be Jack the Ripper's weapon.