This Macabre X-Ray of Hitler's Skull Just Sold at Auction

You're looking at an x-ray of Hitler's skull, which just sold for $1500 (£898). Read More >>

Hitler's Mein Kampf is Proving a Private eBook Bestseller

Adolf Hitler's fascist manifesto Mein Kampf is finding a new audience through digital eReaders, racing towards the top of digital eBook charts as readers access the book in the more private, sleeveless form. Read More >>

Why Time Machines Should Only Be Operated By Historians

We've all argued over the standard old time travel paradoxes, but here's a rule we can all abide by: If you're going to kill Hitler, do it early. Besides, who do you think's easier to bump off, a bunkered dictator or a failing art student? [xkcd] Read More >>

Hitler's Secret Argentinian Sanctuary Is for Sale

This is the house where Hitler spent the last years of his life; a remote mansion similar to the infamous Berghof located in the Nahuel Huapi Lake, in Patagonia, Argentina, a remote mountainous paradise full of Nazi refugees. That's what the conspiracy theorist say, anyway. Read More >>

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Hitler Gets Upset About the iPhone 4S

This didn't take a lot of time. The obligatory Hitler gets angry about the iPhone 4S video is out. My favorite phrase: "I want people to know that I'm better than they are". It's funny because it's true. Read More >>


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