How I Fooled the Internet into Thinking This Fake Sony Nexus Was Real

As far as I know, nothing of any notable significance occurred on Monday, October 15, 2012. The social web was still abuzz from the spectacular achievement in human ingenuity from the night before, brought to you by Red Bull and science. People continued to predictably politick and Rainn Wilson did an AMA. However, for an infinitesimal segment of the human population, October 15th was marked by a frenetic search for answers fueled by an anxiety that can only come from leaked photos of an up-and-coming piece of shiny new tech. Read More >>

Tens of Thousands of People Receive Same Text Message Death Threat

A text message from a self-proclaimed hitman was sent to thousands of people in Australia. It warned them to not contact the police, under threat of death. So naturally they all called the cops and caused a mini-panic. Read More >>

How One Man Faked His Own Internet Death

Death is scary. Suicide is scary. And when you're a valued member of a long-standing community who supports and helps one another, you don't fake awful stories about either to sadden and embarrass your friends. You don't ruin years of relationships to pull a stupid gag that demeans true tragedies. You don't make all of those people who love and care about you think you killed yourself for the lulz. Read More >>

That New "Donda Media" Site Is Fake As Hell

Everyone's chattering about, the new site claiming to be from Kanye West's insane tech startup Donda. By everybody, I mean The Washington Post and Twitter, which went bezerker over it, and, well, us. But Oh come on, now. If this ain't a hoax, I'll eat Kanye's doo-doo. Read More >>

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Flying Bird Man Admits Flying Bird Man Is Fake

You're looking at the Internet Bird Man, who captivated the web's attention for dozens of hours and divided us between skeptics and the faithful. It was a hoax! It turns out he even made up his name. Read More >>

The Best Holiday Party That Never Was

Unless somebody gets nakes, holiday party pictures are usually pretty boring. But how great is this idea. Everett Hiller took the usual lame holiday shots and made them into something amazing by Photoshopping in celebrities and politicians. Read More >>

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This Dell Fart Art Video Must Be A Hoax

You've seen a thousand videos vaguely similar to this one—at least in the way it starts—but just be patient. Give it two minutes. There's an unexpected payoff. A money shot, if you will. Read More >>


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