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Pretty Much Every Holiday Party Ever

Though holiday parties are dressed up in festivity and good spirits and cold weather, they're still freaking parties. And parties, filled with people of the human race, all end up the same way. This animated short about "-holics" shows how all holiday parties play out. For the Facebookaholic, the Twitteraholic, the Alcoholic, the Sexaholic, whoever -holic, party up. It's the holidays. Read More >>

If Tech Companies Made Holiday Party Invitations, They Would Look Like This

Our friends at Wired had a fun and clever idea: what would the holiday party invitations of tech companies look like? They dreamt up some scenarios and poked fun of all the tendencies of the companies. It's hilarious. The Facebook party will have your mom coming! The Twitter hashtagged holiday party won't show Instagram friends coming. And of course the Samsung party invite looks exactly like Apple's. But my favourite? RIM's. Check out all the funnyman invitations here. [Wired] Read More >>


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