Inside the Special Effects That Made Gravity Look So Good

Gravity was a stunning piece of cinema, brought to life by some beautiful special effects. In this video show and tell, VFX company Framestore reveals how it achieved some of the most breathtaking scenes. Read More >>

Why Hollywood Hacking is So Hilariously Horrible

The hacking scenes in House of Cards are wildly unrealistic. They're everything from infuriating to hilarious, but they are definitely not surprising. It turns out, though, that this long tradition of portraying hacking horribly, horribly wrong in TV and film is often intentional. Read More >>

Quentin Tarantino Cancels His Next Film After Script for The Hateful Eight Leaks

You hear of movies leaking before they've hit cinemas all the time. But it's far more rare for a freshly printed script to fall into the wrong hands. But that's what's happened to Quentin Tarantino's new western The Hateful Eight. He's pissed -- so much so that the film has now been shelved. Read More >>

100 Famous Movie Quotes as Charts

Nathan Yau has turned the American Film Institute's 100 most memorable quotes from cinema into chart form. Here they are, in all their wonderful geeky glory. Read More >>

From Dream to 3D Reality: The Fascinating Origins of Pixar

Before a story about toys, before monsters went corporate, before anyone went searching for Nemo, and before twenty seven Academy Awards, Pixar was a high-end computer hardware company whose clients included the government and the medical community. The story of Pixar isn't exactly full of superheroes, adorable robots, or talking bugs. Read More >>

Most of Hollywood's Silent Films are Lost and Gone Forever

There may be a recent resurgence of interest in silent film (thanks in no small part to the success of The Artist), but anyone looking to get into the art form is in for a rude awakening. Of the nearly 11,000 movies made in the pre-talkie, golden age of silent film, 70 percent has been lost and are now gone forever. Read More >>

Why the Movie Myth of Injecting Medication Into the Heart Is Garbage

Myth: Injecting medicine straight into your heart can be beneficial in some way. Read More >>

The Best Effects Shots Ever as Chosen By Hollywood's Top FX Wizards

All right everyone, time to put on your debating/outrage hats. Empire magazine reached out to some of the top vfx artists around the world and had them choose—and justify—what they believe to be the top visual effects shots of all time. Read More >>

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Can You Identify These Movies Drawn Out as Treasure Maps?

Illustrator Andrew DeGraff thinks about films differently to you and I: he sees them as giant maps of physical locations, just waiting to be explored. Can you work out which films these wonderful treasure maps drawn by DeGraff are supposed to represent? Read More >>

Sony and Disney Trial Home Streaming While Movies Are in the Cinema

In the ongoing battle against piracy, Disney and Sony have made a bold step: they're both testing an on-demand service (in, um, South Korea) which allows people to rent movies and stream them in their own homes while they're still playing in the cinema. Read More >>

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Listen to All the Bleeps and Bloops of Hollywood's Fake Computers

Your computer probably makes the odd bleep now and then, maybe the occasional bloop. But the giant, glowing, blinking machines of Hollywood fame have a much larger library of bings, pings, and whistles. Read More >>

Anatomy of a Movie Trailer

If you've ever wondered how film makers chop up and reassemble a two hour film into a two minute trailer, you need wonder no longer. The New York Times has visualised the contents of five recent film trailers, so you can see how they're put together. Read More >>

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Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness Trailers From Last Night's Super Bowl

Last night the Americans had this thing called the "Super Bowl" going on. Apparently it's some sort of rugby-type sport, not a giant bowl of noodles. Anyway, here are the trailers for both Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness which aired last night — without any sport involved. Read More >>

Awkward Fact: Hollywood Studios Pirate Just As Much As the Rest of Us

Talk about pot calling the kettle nasty names. There's some pretty damning new evidence showing that Hollywood studios, the very ones who cry their eyes out over revenue lost to all those nasty pirates, are in fact guilty themselves of using a bit of BitTorrent on the side. Oops. Read More >>

Movie Sound Effects, Before Soundtracks Existed

In the days before movies had soundtracks, it's easy to assume that going to the cinema was a silent experiences. Not so. In fact, movie theatres were packed with innovations to create dramatic soundscapes and keep viewers engaged. Read More >>


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