Lights Out For Illumiroom Due to "Thousands of Dollars" Potential Cost

Microsoft's bonkers lounge-lighting, holodeck-like Illumiroom gaming concept is unlikely to ever see the light of day outside Microsoft tech demos, as the company says it would be a nightmare for the average man to set up and the cost would be... astronomical. Read More >>

Microsoft's Crazy IllumiRoom: More Details About a Real-Life Holodeck

The IllumiRoom would take the physical form of a small, wide-angle projection box that would sit on your coffee table, facing the TV. From there, it would feed off all kinds of information — from tapping right into a game's source code, to reading raw controller input — to apply all manner of effects. Read More >>

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The Holodeck Is Real, and It's in New York

While we still have a ways to go before the advent of photon torpedoes and warp drives, Stony Brook University has just brought us one step closer to our Star Trek future with the unveiling of its immersive video projection system, the Reality Deck. What? Holodeck was already taken. Read More >>

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Music Video Uses Three Projectors and a Blank Room To Make Your Holodeck Fantasies Come True

If Star Trek: The Next Generation was any indication, we're still hundreds of years away from actual holodeck technology that lets us travel the world without ever leaving home. But a music video for a Belgian group called Willow comes pretty close to recreating the experience using nothing but a triad of video projectors. Read More >>

This Could Be the Incredible Future of the Xbox 720 -- a Holodeck and Holograms in Your Living Room

This sounds a bit far-fetched, but Microsoft's just won a patent for a device that creates an "environmental display" by projecting a 360-degree game world around you on the walls. It then tracks your movements in 3D space, moving the game world with you just like a holodeck. Could this be the next, incredible, evolution of the Xbox 720 and Kinect? Read More >>

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Sony Creates a Real-Time Holodeck-Like Experience Without Post-Processing

Fancy yourself a real-time pseudo-Holodeck? Yeah, it's been my dream too, ever since I was a Next Generation-watching kid. Sony's kind of done it using a combination of PlayStation Move and projection mapping, plus a helping hand from lycra-clad actors. Read More >>

Microsoft Is Developing a Digital Holodeck

We've been waiting for Star Trek-style Holodeck technology since, what, 1966? Microsoft Research has finally taken up the challenge and developed this—it's not quite a Holodeck, but it's tantalizingly close. Read More >>


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