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Watch a Japanese Pianist Battle a Holographic Version of Himself

Not since Donald Duck faced off against Daffy Duck in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? has there been such an epic piano battle as Japanese pianist Yoshiki squaring off against a holographic version of himself. Read More >>

Now World Leaders are Giving Speeches via Hologram

When Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan couldn't make it to the city of Izmir last Sunday to give a speech, he wasn't too bothered—because he decided he'd give his presentation by hologram instead. Read More >>

Laser Holograms as Thin as a Hair Could Be the Future of High-Res

Holograms are cool enough on their own, but amazing things happen when you make them incredibly small. A team of Army-funded scientists from Purdue did just that with the development of tiny holograms—smaller than the width of a human hair!—made by shining lasers through a metasurface. This could change display technology forever. Read More >>

Stick Yourself in the (Holographic) Beatles at London Music Museum's 3D Exhibit

A new music-themed museum in London will bring the Tupac-reviving holographic technology to the masses, letting music fans play alongside 3D recreations of bands and singers -- then go home with a DVD of it all to baffle friends and relatives with. Read More >>

The Art of the Hologram Is Alive in This Underground Laboratory

Holograms occupy a strange place in our visual culture. Encountering a genuinely innovative holographic image can elicit wonder and joy, yet the technology has struggled to transcend election night gimmicks and Tupac exploitation. But for those who run the Holographic Studios in NYC, creating 3D images remains an obsession and an art. Read More >>

Elon Musk Wants to Build the Iron Man Hologram UI For Real

The hologram interfaces Tony Stark uses in Iron Man are awesome, no doubt. But they also aren't real. Yet. Elon Musk has been cooking up something very Stark-y, and he's planning to show it off soon. Read More >>

Holographic Receptionists Installing Themselves Over Here, Taking Our Jobs

Local council staff are about to become even more robotic and unresponsive than usual, thanks to Brent council launching a new holographic receptionist. She's called Shanice and will point you in the right direction if you need the toilet, apparently. Read More >>

Oh Man, Life-Size Holograms Could Be Coming to Your Living Room

Holograms have always been a quick, easy way for movies to tell us they're taking place in the future. As soon as you see someone talking with a human-sized hologram, you realise there's no way you'll ever be able to do that, and a part of you dies. Now, a company on Kickstarter promises to bring you the holographic future you've always dreamed of.
Yes, this whole thing seems like a pipe dream. But Provision Interactive Technologies has been building 3D holographic displays for advertising and promotional use for a while now, including interactive models with gesture control. Then again, it's worth noting that while they're asking for nearly a million crowdsourced bucks, they haven't actually figured out how to do this yet: Read More >>

Holographic TVs Are Getting Closer to Reality

New methods for producing colour holographic video are here, and they could lead to cheaper, higher resolution and more energy efficient TVs. Daniel Smalley, a researcher at MIT, built a holographic display with about the same resolution as a standard-definition TV, which is able to depict motion because it updates its image 30 times a second. The display is run by an optical chip that Smalley made in his lab for about £7. Read More >>

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Leap Motion + Hologram = The Future of Awesomeness

Whether you like gesture control or not, Leap Motion's fine-grain floating-finger input looks like pure future. And it only gets better when you're controlling a pseudo-hologram with it. And that's exactly what Robbie Tilton did with his Tony Stark-worthy setup. Read More >>

Holograms of Dead Famous People: Yay or Nay?

Tupac performed as a hologram alongside Snoop Dogg Lion at Coachella. The Republican party has created a Reagan hologram. And now TLC wants to resurrect the late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes in hologram form for a reunion tour. Read More >>

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Here's the One Thing I Want to See at Apple's iPhone 5 Event (Spoiler: A Steve Jobs Hologram)

Too bad Digital Domain, the company who made the Tupac hologram, is going bankrupt because seeing a Steve Jobs hologram at tomorrow's iPhone 5 event would be the best One More Thing... ever. Seriously, just watch this humourous video to see what a rapping Steve Jobs hologram would look like. Read More >>

Hologram Tupac's Got Nothing on Hologram Bill Murray

It probably won't be long before every two-bit celebrity is hyping their own hologram appearances at venues across the globe. But we certainly don't mind seeing Bill Murray at the front of the line.

Usher Will Be Joined By Hologram Backup Dancers in Upcoming Concert

One hologram performance is enough for the year, and we're already put that behind us with Tupac's Coachella reincarnation. Now Usher is jumping on the virtual performance bandwagon — he'll be appearing with digital backup dancers in a concert next month in London. Read More >>

Holographic ASDA Staff Made to Feel Welcome by Milton Keynes Shoppers

ASDA, home of the discounted doughnut and misshapen denim, is looking to the future of in-store information, after successfully replacing the mundane in-store tannoy announcement with new, holographic members of staff. Read More >>

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3D Projector Would Beam Long-Distance Lovers Right Into Your Own Living Room

A group of developers from the Human Media Lab at Queen's University in Canada, has developed a cylindrical display system — called the "TeleHuman" — that is capable of projecting within itself a person's full 3-dimensional figure. Circle the TeleHuman, and you will see your long-distance lover (or perhaps just your best friend) from all 360 degrees. Read More >>


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