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Matinee-Priced Gifts for Home Theatre Lovers

You don't need to spend a ton of money to enjoy the hell out of movies at home. That's a myth. So if you want to give your special person's TV a boost, you can do it on a budget. Read More >>

Yamaha's Awesome Affordable Soundbar Now Comes With a Wireless Subwoofer

When the Yamaha YAS-101 came out last year, we marvelled at the perfect balance between the sound quality afforded by its full-range drivers and a price point that wouldn't break the bank. Now the successor — the YAS-201 — is here and instead of packing its bass technology into the bar itself, it has been split off into a wireless sub. Read More >>

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The Ultimate Way to Watch Star Trek Is On Your Own Enterprise Bridge

You're a massive Trekky -- don't worry you're among friends here, we won't judge -- but you feel there's just something missing watching Star Trek on your vanilla 50-inch TV. How about sitting your butt down in an awesome recreation of the bridge of the Starship Enterprise-come-cinema instead? Read More >>

Harman Kardon's New Home Theatre Gear Is BMW-Expensive

Harman Kardon—you know, the folks who put the sound system in your boss' luxury car—have a batch of new home theatre gear including a the pricey 5.1 channel BDS 770 system. Will it sound good enough for the price tag? Read More >>


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