This £18,000 Vibrating Waterbed Syncs to You Heart Rate

People, muster up all your creative juices and imagine the most ridiculous bed you can think of. Is it a waterbed? Obviously. Can it play music from your iPhone? Totally. Does it vibrate to the beat of that music? Yes, it can. Can it sync 50 LED lights to the beating of your heart? Yup. Read More >>

Dyson's New Gadgets Make You Feel Like a Superhero

There's something strangely throttling about a Dyson device. The curves feel futuristic, and the transparent plastic shows you what's under the hood. And the latest generation packs runs faster than a Formula 1 race car. You almost have to pinch yourself to remember that it's just a vacuum cleaner. Read More >>

Rumour: Google is Trialling New Smart-Thermostats

The Information is reporting that Google's testing a new kind of internet-connected thermostat, which allows homeowners to track energy activity and adjust usage remotely. Read More >>

Hide Your Messy Nest of Cables In This Neat Wood-Panelled Bin

We all have one—that corner in your living room where the modem, the router, the extension plug and friends live. It's a mess. You can try to hide it behind the couch, or you can cover it with unread mail. Or, you could store everything in this handsome wooden container. Read More >>

Shoddy Home Internet Set-Ups Waste Enough Bandwidth to Power iPlayer for 59 years

Crappy wiring, half-broken filters and poorly set-up routers are some of the more obvious reasons people off a less technically adept nature suffer slow broadband connections, with the wasted bandwidth enough to run the BBC's iPlayer service to everyone for 59 years. Read More >>

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How to Hide Your House Keys in the Open and Totally Mess With Burglars

Your welcome mat is not a secure key repository, neither is the frame over your door or the suspicious foam-rubber "rock" lurking suspiciously next to your stoop. You might as well leave your doors unlocked. Instead hide your spare where nobody will ever think to look—in plain sight. Read More >>

Facebook Home Gets Leaked Ahead of Release and Can Even Be Installed On a Nexus 7

While we're all patiently waiting for the download of Facebook Home to hit the Google Play store this Friday, it seems the folks at MoDaCo have managed to get their hands on a leaked pre-release version. And the best bit is that it can be installed on practically anything, including the Nexus 4 and even tablets like the Nexus 7. Read More >>

The Facebook Phone: It's Finally Sorta Real

We've been talking about it for years now — half dread, half excitement — and now it's no longer just our imaginations. The Facebook Phone is as real as it's probably ever going to get: it's called Facebook Home a complete Android takeover that converts your smartphone. Read More >>

Rumour: "Facebook Phone" Interface Shows Greyer Android and Social Features

It would appear that Facebook is about to announce a very comprehensive new Android skin at tonight's event, with leaked images showing what appears to be a simplified Android OS with the social network's status sharing bar whacked atop Google's usual applications menu. Read More >>

Rumour: HTC First Might be the New "Facebook Phone"

A prolific Twitter tech spec leaker has published an image of a new smartphone going by the name HTC First, which, according to wild internet speculation we're happy to be part of, may well be the first proper Facebook phone to feature the social network's bespoke mobile software. Read More >>

Awesome New Air Conditioner Fends Off Both Heat and Mosquitoes

Air conditioners are truly a technological marvel, cold-campfires of the modern era, or something. But they don't have to be limited to just keeping you cool. A new model LG is rolling out not only cools air but also keeps mosquitoes at bay. Read More >>

Nike+ Kinect Training Hands On: Some Serious Home Exercise

With some exceptions, when you think "gamers" you don't generally think "paragons of health and fitness." But maybe you should. There are already a lot of fitness games on the market, and they range from good to horrible, but this collaboration between Nike and Microsoft is something else. Read More >>

Nest 2.0: The Smart Thermostat Is Thinner, Works With More Home Heating Systems Than Before

Nest was not the first smart thermostat to reach the hands of consumers. But it was the first that made our parents (and maybe even some of our grandparents) raise an eyebrow. It's cylindrical form and simple GUI are nothing, if not inviting to use, and it's ability to learn from your usage habits not only offers convenience, but possible savings when it comes to the power bill. Now with the second generation iteration of Nest—one that is slimmer and guaranteed to work with 95 per cent of home heating systems—the product wants to go from being a buzzy new product to a mainstream, must-have home gadget. Read More >>

These Crystal DSLR Bookends Are the Clearest Cameras Ever

If you're a camera person, you've already got one (or several) lying around. These Crystal DSLR bookends, however, might be able to bring something new to the collection. Read More >>

This Mini-Vase Looks Poised To Dart Across Your Living Room

Let's say that you wanted to set up your living room so that everything looked like it was being subjected to a gale-force wind. Or one where everything looks like it's trying to escape at high speed. This is the perfect vase for your absurd fantasies. Read More >>

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The Censorship Towel Blurs Out Your Naughty Bits

Nudity: it can make things uncomfortable in the gym sauna and the FCC does not condone it. But hey, it's funny! And it's even funnier when it's covered up by shoddy pixelation. The Censorship Towel brings to life the familiar blur used to conceal butts on television. Read More >>


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