Will Smallpox Reemerge in Siberia as Corpses Thaw from Climate Change?

In an article primarily about the potential folly of holding onto stockpiles of smallpox virus for research purposes the BBC includes one vile idea. Could the frozen bodies of smallpox victims in Siberia, now thawing because of climate change, re-release the virus into the environment and thus start a global pandemic? Read More >>

Emoji in Real Life are Terrifying (But Could Save a Kid's Life)

What do you get when you apply the kindly, whimsical emoji you know and love to actual human faces? Nightmare fuel for days. But also a very clever ad campaign that aims to stop sexual predators from occupying your child's open tabs. Read More >>

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Forget the Deals, Black Friday Looks Like the Apocalypse

OK, so we don't get quite the bargains that our American counterparts do over the Black Friday weekend but, when you consider the horror that is 200 people stampeding to get a 10% discount on a microwave, I'm pretty sure it's something we can live without. Read More >>

A Map of Where All Your Favourite Horror Movies Take Place

The monster in a horror movie is scary, sure. But an eerie setting is just as important. Fortunately just about anywhere can be freaky as hell when you're alone in the dark, but some places get more horror movie love than others. And this great map by the folks at Esri shows you the horrible hotspots. Read More >>

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The Evil Dead Remake Trailer Is Epically NSFW

The producers of the incoming Evil Dead reboot had no doubts that a remake of an absolute classic would have to go no-holds-barred to justify its existence. If this horrifying trailer is anything to go by, they've succeeded, and then some. Read More >>

The Terrifying Tech in Classic Horror Films

From evil cars with minds of their own to chainsaws used to torture and taunt -- many of our favourite horror movies would be nothing without a little technology. Here's how it played a role in some of the spookiest stories on film. (Warning: GIFs) Read More >>

Horror Films Aid Weight Loss and Watching The Shining Burns 183 Calories

Turns out that the Evil Dead remake might be an ideal first date movie, as research has found that watching a horror film burns up to 180 more calories than watching some boring old Jennifer Aniston light entertainment vehicle. Read More >>

The Worst Job at Google: A Year of Watching Beastiality, Child Pornography, and Other Terrible Internet Things

People put terrible things on the internet. Very terrible things. And it's someone's job to make sure that regular people don't run into them. But that is a terrifying job, and it understandably scars a lot of people who do it. Buzzfeed talked to one former employee who told the story. Read More >>

Homeless Men Turned into Human Routers

SXSW, the annual vanity-carnival of schmoozing; marketing superficiality, and BBQ, has something new to offer Austin's visitors: unalloyed human degradation. A New York ad firm has converted homeless people into 4G hotspots. Read More >>

Korea: Keep Your Terrible "Phablets" To Yourselves

LG's Vu is offensive in virtually every way that an object can offend. It's called the "Vu," it has an abhorrent 4:3 screen, and, as BGR has loathsomely coined, it's a "phablet". Let it never leave Korean gadget hell. Read More >>

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Elder Sign Omens for Android and iOS: Nights at the Museum, Rolling Dice with Ancient Eldritch Horrors

With scant regard for the electricity bill, or the harm it's doing to the planet, we plan to sleep with the lights on for the next three months. Why? Because we've just had a couple of rounds with Elder Sign: Omens. By golly, this game is frightening, packed to the gills with demons, ghouls and other unspeakable fiends inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Read More >>

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White Girls Rapping about Windows Phone 7 Is Worse than Your Parents Having Sex

This morning I watched a video compilation of botflies—parasitic, skin-burrowing larvae—being pulled out of bleeding human flesh. Compared to this "Windows Phone 7 Fangirls Video," the botfly footage is like butter and sugar. This internet deserves destruction. Now. Read More >>

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The Dark Meadow for iPad and iPhone: Extremely Monstrous and Incredibly Beautiful

With every week that passes, a new iOS game is released that's even more visually impressive than the last. Previously, Shadowgun held the crown for a scant seven days, bowling us over with console-quality graphics and gameplay. Now that accolade has been cruelly wrested - nay, snatched, along with a desultory poke in the eye - by atmospheric chiller The Dark Meadow. It blends together elements of first-person combat, role-playing and exploration, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Read More >>


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