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Brace Aims To Screw Up-Proof Website Hosting

Here's something for Scooby and the gang. A new service called Brace is using Dropbox to organise and sync files to personal websites. Seemingly targeted at consumers looking for a simple, drag and drop alternative to things like FTP and Github, Brace is offering a clean and straightforward interface for managing files and styles on a website. But where did Brace come from? Read More >>

Sick Porn Stashed on Hacked Servers to Escape Detection

The Internet Watch Foundation has unearthed a clever yet depressing technique sickos are using to stash and distribute child porn online, with illegal images apparently being hosted on hacked servers without the knowledge of site owners. Read More >>

Pirate Bay Ship Sails to the Clouds for Ultimate Indestructibility

The Pirate Bay has made a big change in its server infrastructure, moving most of its functions to the mysterious, un-raidable place known as "the cloud" to further beef-up its security against physical takedowns. Read More >>

Slap a USB Flash Drive In Your Nexus 7 (Or Other Android Device)

This boring looking cable and app combo is your key to enormous Android fun, with the pair able to unlock USB file transfers and game controller connectivity even in Android phones and tablets that don't support USB mounting. Read More >>


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