From X-Men to Godzilla These are the Movies to Watch in 2014

It's Christmas time, so you're likely reading this buried beneath a mountain of freshly-unwrapped DVD boxsets. You're grateful and stuff but, truth be told, you've probably seen half of them a hundred times before. There's no shame in popping 'em on eBay -- you know it's time to look forward towards what fresh silver screen delights 2014 has in store instead. Read More >>

10 Best New iPad Air Cases

As with any new Apple product, the recent release of the iPad Air has seen a wave of third-party accessories inundate the market. Here's a roundup of some of the best new cases for your touchscreen darling. Read More >>

Nexus 5 Officially Revealed and It's Another Super-Powered Bargain

It's the most oft-leaked handset of recent times, but finally, finally Google has seen fit to reveal all on the Nexus 5. A high-powered Android beast, it's following in the Nexus 4's footsteps by being a bang-for-your-buck bargain. Read More >>

Why Xbox One's Kinect Won't be Hal 2.0

Look, it's OK to be a bit paranoid about technology. If you do something bad the police can indeed pull your entire internet history from the cloud and beat you with it, but sometimes you've just got to go with the flow and accept that things are going to be different in the future. Learning to live with Kinect, and all the other ways we're being "watched," is one of those times. Read More >>

iPad Air Meta-Review: So Light, So Fast, So Beautiful

The iPad Air is Apple's best iPad yet. But what does that mean beyond the usual lighter, faster, everything-er that Apple typically slaps onto its latest products? The first reviews of the iPad Air have hit the Internet and we've rounded them up to give you a clearer picture of Apple's latest full-sized tablet. Read More >>

apps of the week
The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

The week of All Hallows' Eve, holiday of screams, scares and sweets. Or in my case the night of hiding in the living room, turning off the lights with a bottle of wine and ignoring the knocks on the door. Give me hordes of the undead over hordes of children in costume any day. Never mind, I'll survive -- I hope. These apps will be keeping me amused on the scariest night of the year (because of the children) - feel free to join me: Read More >>

The Realistic Guide to Learning How to Run

Step 1 -- Go running. The astute reader might've noticed that, in contrast with the established rules of guide-writing, I have effectively started at the end. Well done; pat yourself on the back, astute reader. The best possible advice for a new runner is to try and run a mile, then two...then run a 5k, throw up and don't run again for two weeks. Congratulations, you are now a runner. Read More >>

The Royal Mail's Underground Rail Network May Be Reopening

One of London's best-kept secrets is that there's a second Tube system, formerly operated by Royal Mail but now left to ruin, lying abandoned underneath the capital. However, it might not remain secret much longer -- the Post Office has just submitted plans to get the old lady up and running again. Read More >>

Mastering Drama Shot on the GALAXY S4 and Note 3

By now, you’re probably aware that the camera in your Samsung GALAXY S4 or Note 3 is, thanks to the wonders of software and a hefty dose of processing power, a veritable box of delights. And when mastered, it can capture shots that transcend the merely static and in some cases, produce results that appear almost magical. Read More >>

10 Top Photography Tips for the GALAXY S4 zoom

The Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for superb picture-taking on the go. Read More >>

Welcome, and Learn "How to"

Learning how things work is like unlocking a secret. Know what's even better? Learning how to. One of the earliest examples of someone showing off their knowledge was way back in 1569, when English author Leonard Mascall translated a French Benedictine's tree-planting tips. While we're not going to dispense with the horticulture tips this week, we'll hopefully be sowing a few seeds in your mind for idea-growing. Read More >>

lightning review
Sony SmartWatch 2 Review: Um...Third Time the Charm?

The Sony SmartWatch 2 may not offer up the feast of features of its Samsung rival, but perhaps simplicity is the way to go with smartwatches. Has Sony managed to nail it, or like the first SmartWatch incarnation, is this the second-worst thing Sony's ever made? Read More >>

Bring your Note 3 to the Big Screen: Syncing your Lounge

Your Samsung GALAXY Note 3 gives you access to an amazing range of movies, multimedia and games, perfect for entertaining yourself when on the move. But when you're at home, you might prefer to enjoy this great content on a larger scale. Read More >>

Create Must-Share Animated Photos on your GALAXY Note 3 or S4

The animated GIF is one of the more unlikely successes of the internet age. Originally appearing way back in 1987 (ancient times in internet terms) this steadfastly unglamorous graphics file format has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity, becoming something of a web icon. Read More >>

Stress Testing the GALAXY S4 Active

The rugged Samsung GALAXY S4 Active is the ideal all-action, peak-performance smartphone for ramblers, mountain bikers, sailors and fans of extreme sports. Read More >>

apps of the week
The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

After a seven day working week, sorting out taxes (October 31st deadline freelancers!) and realising I haven't been up after 5.30am any morning this week, I've started to comprehend that it's Monday again. My reliance on caffeine has reached an all time high, and I keep remembering a (day?)dream about ninjas stealing my Nespresso machine. I also think I've written an app roundup; I hope that one isn't a dream. Read More >>


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