Europol Warns Users to Stop Using Public Wi-Fi Hotspots for Sensitive Tasks

The pure joy of connecting a working and fully free hotspot could be leaving you open to attack, according to advice from Europol's cybercrime chief, who suggests steering clear of both secure and insecure public Wi-Fi unless you want hackers stealing your identity, data and dignity. Read More >>

Google Knows the Wi-Fi Passwords of All Android Users

A new privacy fuss is kicking off around Google's Android mobile OS, with security boffins claiming that the software's backup tools mean that a copy of everyone's Wi-Fi password history is now saved to Google's servers. Which may mean it could be legally compelled to hand them out, should a government come calling. Read More >>

Who Knew the UK Had the Most Wi-Fi Hotspots?

Apparently Britain is lit-up like a Wi-Fi-packing Christmas tree. In fact, we have more hotspots per square mile of street than any other European nation. And one-in-four of 'em are free, apparently. Read More >>

You Should Stop Using Your iOS-Generated Hotspot Password Right Now

The ability to turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot is a fantastically useful little tool in and of itself. But Apple, being the generous overlord that it is, goes so far as to automatically generate a network key, keeping even the most absent-minded of Wi-Fi-beggared safe and sound. Or so we thought. According to a new study, iOS-generated passwords use a very specific formula — one which the experienced hacker can crack in less than a minute. Read More >>

O2 Dumps BT Wi-Fi, Losing You Access From July 1st

Are you an O2 customer? Do you regularly access BT's millions of Wi-Fi hotspots? No? Good, because you're about to lose your free access to them. The network's four-year deal with BT is up and it hasn't renewed. Instead, it's going it alone with its own O2 Wi-Fi network. Read More >>

London 2012 Bans Knives, Drugs, Guns and... Portable 3G Hotspots

London's Olympic events will not be welcoming anyone carrying a 3G hotspot device, as all forms of "Wireless access points" are banned from being taken into the Olympic venues. Read More >>


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