Hear all About the Amazing Cinematography of House of Cards

Been watching season two of House of Cards? The answer is yes. So you know how beautiful the cinematography is. In an interview with Go Creative, Igor Martinovic, the show's cinematographer tells how he crafted the show's unique visual style. Read More >>

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The House of Cards Hacker is the Best Worst Thing About Season 2

Season two of House of Cards has been available to stream on Netflix since Friday, meaning you've probably gorged on all thirteen episodes already. (WARNING: Some [non-critical] spoilers lie ahead.) The best worst part? An Anonymous-style hacker and his faithful sidekick, Cashew the guinea pig—every single second of which was absolutely, phenomenally over-the-top ridiculous. Read More >>

How Netflix Braces for the House of Cards Binge

Marketplace's Queena Kim was in Netflix's 'war room' at the very moment season two of House of Cards went live, getting a peek at how Netflix achieves dropping an entire season of phenomenal television into our addled, impatient laps. It's a massive operation, yet they did it again without a hitch. Read More >>

Netflix to "Experiment" With DVD-Style Streaming Extras

DVD and Blu-ray extras -- arguably the last thing keeping us from ditching our physical disc-based movie libraries and giving our eyes over completely to streaming services. But with Netflix now announcing it is experimenting with DVD-extra style content tied to titles on its service, discs could truly be going the way of the dodo. Read More >>

You Don't Have to Be a Netflix Subscriber to Watch Its Fancy New Series For Free

House of Cards may not be Netflix's first stab at original content, but it's by far its most important. Whether people turn to the streaming service for shows they can't find anywhere else will define the company's chance at future success. Which is why, starting today, House of Cards is free to watch even if you're not a Netflix member. Read More >>

Hooray, the UK's Getting Kevin Spacey's New House of Cards On Netflix too

What's this? We're actually getting something televisual day and date with our US cousins? Kevin Spacey's new "Netflix original series", House of Cards, will apparently be available on UK Netflix too, from February 1st. Take that region lock. [Netflix UK] Read More >>

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Here's Kevin Spacey Being Creepy In the Trailer for Netflix's Next Original Series

On February 1, 2013 Netflix will premiere all 13 episodes of its latest original series, House of Cards in the US (with the UK to follow later). In the political drama directed by David Fincher (Fight Club, Zodiac, Se7en), Kevin Spacey plays sneaky Congressman Francis Underwood. Netflix is basing much of its hopes for differentiating its service from others on offering compelling original content, and Mr. Spacey is indeed compelling. He's pretty freaking creepy, actually! Kind of like Kaiser Soze the politician? Read More >>


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