Has Your Back Window Got a Worse View Than This?

A company that makes window blinds had the genius idea of running a competition to see who has the most miserable view from their window, pulling in some cracking photos of the industrial decay, unkempt gardens and suburban sprawl those who entered get to enjoy on a daily basis. Read More >>

Visit This House Being 3D Printed in Amsterdam Right Now

If you think 3D printing is only good for making flimsy paperweights, then you're pretty much right. A group of audacious Dutch architects, however, have just begun 3D printing an entire canal house in Amsterdam. Is the first 3D printed house a gimmick? Definitely! Is it an experiment that pushes the possibilities for 3D printing technology and architecture ? Maybe! Read More >>

Ireland Is Tearing Down Thousands of Empty, Brand New "Ghost Homes"

Phoenix, Madrid, even Astana: These are the cities we tend to hold up as examples of the havoc that construction booms and busts, can wreak on a housing market. Ireland is in the news less, but its situation is just as dire; an estimated 300,000 brand new Irish homes have sat empty for years. And now the government is demolishing them. Read More >>

No Allen Key Needed: Ikea Designs a Smarter Flatpack Refugee Shelter

If there's any company on earth with an expertise in designing things that are easy to transport and assemble, it's Ikea. So it makes perfect sense that the Swedish furniture manufacturer would team up with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees—or the UNCHR for short—to redesign the temporary shelters that millions of refugees around the world call home. Read More >>

Radiation Shielding, and Ten Other Uses for Poop

Poop has been around for as long as there have been animals to produce it. It's a constant, brown, smelly presence in all of our lives. But over the long stretch of history, humanity has come up with some brilliant and clever uses for it. Read More >>

Apparently You Can Buy a House for Just £1 in Liverpool

House prices are simply insane in most of the country -- if you happen to live anywhere near a city, good luck trying to save for a deposit. But what if I told you you could buy a whole house for just £1? Read More >>

OKCupid Wants to Match You With a Roommate You Bone Once and Never Speak to Again

One time I went on an OKCupid date with a guy who ordered hot wings, licked his fingers, and wiped a fountain of sweat off his forehead with a paper napkin. Needless to say, I never went out with him again. It was a very dark time. And if you're at an equally low point with your living situation, the people over at the most desperate dating site on the internet want to match you with your next roommate. Read More >>


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