Sony Chairman Howard Stringer Is Stepping Down in June

The ol' boss of Sony is stepping down. After giving up his CEO and presidency of Sony last year, Stringer has decided to also retire from being the chairman of Sony's board. He first became CEO in 2005. It's an end of an era for a company we still miss. [Financial Times via Engadget] Read More >>

Sony's Latest Money Making Idea: Demanding Bonuses Back From its Bosses

Sony is expected to launch a wide restructuring plan this week, designed to help turn the company around under the management of new boss Kaz Hirai. To aid recovery from its latest poor financial figures, it's believed to be asking its bosses to return bonuses earned during the last, awful, financial period. Read More >>

The New President of Sony Is Kaz Hirai, the Boss of Playstation

Nikkei is reporting that Kaz Hirai will finally be promoted to President of Sony (in April). If you remember, Hirai has been the Playstation boss for quite some time and was rumored to be in talks of becoming President as far back as November 2010. Sony sure took its time with this one. Read More >>


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