A Budget DSLR Is Your CSI-Re-Enactment-Device Deal of the Day

Okay, it's time to stop using your mobile phone as your first choice of camera. Sure, it's convenient but let's face it, you look like a dick when you're snapping pics with a piece of oblong plastic. Read More >>

More Windows Phone 8 Devices From HTC on the Way...With Bigger Screens?

I'm one of those firmly in the camp that 4.3-inches is possibly the biggest size screen I'd personally want on a phone, but HTC seems to disagree. Nope, the company is not content with 4.3-inch screens for their Windows Phone 8 devices, as seen on their latest HTC 8X. HTC is going bigger. Because bigger... is better? Read More >>

The Nokia Lumia 800 For £150 Is Your iPhone-5-Antidote Deal of the Day

Over here in Dealz Corner (or Dealzy Plaza as we sometimes call it), there's only one phone that we're yammering on about today – and it certainly isn't a spanking new iPhone 5 or a barely-functioning BlackBerry. Read More >>

Those Awesome-Looking HTC Windows 8 Phones Could Be Dirt Cheap Too

We're used to flagship phones costing the Earth, especially on launch. £500 is basically where they're all at, but HTC might be doing our wallets a favour. At least one UK retailer has pegged the HTC 8X at only £400 and the 8S at just £225 off-network -- now that really is cheap. Read More >>

When Did Small Phones Become Crappy Phones?

There was a time when you could buy something that was compact, fast, and beautiful. That time is over. "Smaller" is just a polite way to say "here's the bad version for cheap people." And that's really awful. Read More >>

HTC's First Windows Phone 8 Smartphones, the 8X and 8S, are Much-Needed Shots of Colour

A few months back, a HTC exec told me that the reason store shelves are replete with identical black slabs nowadays is because manufacturers just can't afford to take a gamble on high dosages of colour, like the pre-smartphone days. Well, you know what they say -- when in times of crisis (if you do believe HTC is in dire straits), try a different gambit. A daring one. A colourful one. HTC's two first WP8 handsets, the 8X and 8S, are gambles that should pay off nicely. Read More >>


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