In-Browser HTML 5 Super Mario: Your Afternoon's Skive Session Sorted

Your 4pm board meeting? Better cancel that and, while you're at it, ask for an extension on that looming deadline -- you're about to lose the afternoon to a full-blown HTML 5 recreation of NES classic Super Mario Bros., right within your browser. Read More >>

Arcade Fire Pulls the Bizarre Interactive Chrome Video Stunt Again

This image is taken from an arty internet thing called Just a Reflektor, a new, animated browser film experiment from the Arcade Fire people, produced by web video tech specialist Vincent Morisset. Read More >>

windows 8
Netflix Finally Dumps Silverlight For HTML5

Those using the newly released Windows 8.1 Preview to stream Netflix titles are in for a treat, as the movie and TV site has dropped the requirement to use the Silverlight plugin to power its streams on PC in favour of HTML5. The catch being you have to use Internet Explorer 11. Read More >>

This Is the Most Beautiful Way to Learn How to Code

These days, the sentiment of anyone who doesn't know how to code being destined to a life of homeless ineptitude has become a fairly common (if mildly exaggerated) one. But of all the ways out there to save yourself from a derelict fate, Jon Duckett's HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites, is, perhaps, the most beautiful, information-packed intro to basic web languages you can find. Read More >>

Thanks to HTML5, Streaming Movies on Netflix Might Suck Less

Netflix currently uses Microsoft's Silverlight plugin to run its streams. It's an inelegant solution that sometimes makes for subpar and bogged down streaming experiences. But Silverlight is possibly dying! And Netflix wants to get better! So Netflix is planning to move on from streaming on Silverlight and towards HTML5 video. When that happens, streaming movies on Netflix might suck less. Read More >>

Thanks To HTML5 This Website Can Fill Your Whole Hard Drive with Cats

Sometimes a browser needs to leave a little data on your computer: just a little 5-10KB nibblit, a cookie. HTML5 is a hungrier beast than that which came before it though, and sometimes wants a little more. Maybe 5MB or so. But that's where it should end. Thanks to a wee HTML5 vulnerability, however, this site can and will fill your entire hard drive with cats. Read More >>

YouTube to Appear on New Freesat Boxes Next Month

The Freesat platform's about to get a very exciting and innovative new channel, with the free-to-air satellite option set to launch a standalone YouTube channel app that'll work without the need for you to screw around with a separate streaming box. Read More >>

Would You Rather Have HTML5 Apps or Native Apps on Your Smartphone?

Business Insider believes HTML5 apps are primed to overtake native apps on smartphones in the coming years. Steve Jobs was also big on webapps when the iPhone first came out—sans native app ecosystem—but didn't have the benefit of the HTML5 standard. Now that HTML5 is here, there are apps that come very very close to replicating the native app experience. Read More >>

Adobe Flash Sailing Away From Google Play Today

Today marks the end of the road for the Flash Player app on Google Play, as Adobe yank out the app from the store, with further updates only coming to those who already have it downloaded and installed on their device. Read More >>

Here's How to Blow Up Websites You Don't Like with Bombs

I know there are times when you're cruising down the Internet highway, looking for a laugh as your hair is being blown back by AC when you stumble upon something so annoying that you start shaking your monitor and hope that it just blows up. It happens to all of us. We never do anything. But now you can. Read More >>

This Is the Future of Internet Games

The days are numbered for those rubbishy Flash-based games that litter the time-waster game space. We’ve already seen Quake III Arena play in your browser, but that needed a plug-in. Now meet the Half-Life Headcrab that’s rendered, incredibly, using just HTML5 and WebGL – now this is what I call internet gaming. Read More >>

Edgar Wright's Brandon Generator Wants Your Comic Book Plot Ideas

Brandon Generator is the name of a new, all-star comic book creation, that's being overseen by famed director Edgar Wright, with art coming from Marvel man Tommy Lee Edwards. The only way it can fail is if the stories are rubbish. Which is where you come in. Read More >>

TeleNav Unveils Free HTML5-Based GPS Turn-By-Turn Navigation

In the GPS wars, Google's free turn-by-turn navigation for Google maps pretty much pulled the rug out from under the rather expensive competition. Putting yet another nail in TomTom's coffin, TeleNav's joining the free navigation party, but it's doing it with the world's first in-browser HTML5 navigation app. Read More >>

music Launches "Interactive Portal" Discover, Built in HTML5 has teamed up with Microsoft's IE9 people for a nice bit of brand cross-promotion, which sees the pair releasing a custom web player, built in HTML5, and enhanced for users of Internet Explorer 9. Read More >>

The Most Beautiful Birth Control Chart in the World

If there are two things I love, it's safe sex and HTML5. Bedsider, an "internet community" aimed at not getting you or your friend knocked up, is a terrific, kooky source of contraceptive gems. The best part? Giant condom wall! Read More >>

Bing Unveils First HTML5 Video Background Featuring a Frog

Bing's trying all it can to differentiate itself from Google and carve out a decent chunk of the search market. One of their initiatives has been fancy backgrounds, which Google can do too of course, but now they've taken it one stage further. Read More >>


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