The Most Amazing Hubble Videos Yet

The Hubble telescope is always a source of joy and glee for me, especially their 3D flyby videos created using actual images and data. Now you can see them all in one single gallery and feel like a little kid looking at the universe. Here are the very best clips. Read More >>

Six Spectacular Videos From the Hubble Telescope

The Hubble telescope is always a source of joy and glee for me, especially their 3D flyby videos created using actual images and data. Now you can see them all in one single gallery and feel like a little kid looking at the universe. Here are the very best clips. Read More >>

A Glitch in the Hubble Telescope Makes Beautiful Modern Art

You've seen all the mind-boggling space images from the Hubble telescope, so this might seem... bizarre. What looks like a light painting or a computer rendering is an actual image sent back during the Hubble's observing session. This is what happens when the telescope locks onto bad guide star. The European Space Agency explains: Read More >>

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Incredible Photo of a Supernova at Peak Brightness Captured by Hubble

Even if Hubble had been a total disaster spewing one crappy image after the other for more than two decades, it would have been worth it just for this single image: a supernova explosion in the galaxy M82, taken on January 31, as it approached peak brightness. Read More >>

NASA is 3D Printing Hubble Images So Blind People Can See Outer Space

What does space feel like? I'm not talking about space itself—but rather the images we see in a telescope. Could you render those spectacular images into something that a blind person could experience? That's exactly what a pair of astronomers are trying to figure out. Read More >>

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These Stars May Look Mellow But They're Resisting a Huge Black Hole

Nothing is ever as tranquil as it seems. This image is pretty and has lots of fun, trippy colours. But all of that variation is being produced by gas, dust and other matter as whole galaxies fall into a supermassive black hole. Created from Hubble data, the image shows the cosmic tug-of-war going on in the Perseus Cluster of Galaxies 230 million light years away. Read More >>

Hubble Captured a Huge, Light-Year-Long Flaming Space Caterpillar

This beautifully bright, light-year-long heap of gas and dust particles was caught by the Hubble telescope hurtling through space on its way to becoming a star some 4,500-odd light years away. And this little cosmic caterpillar-that-could is all the more incredible when you know what it's fighting against. Read More >>

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This Stunning Spiral Galaxy Is Out There Right Now

No matter how wry your sense of humuor or how pessimistic your outlook, you have to give into your human capacity for awe at some point. And it might as well be now because this photo is amazing. The spiral galaxy, M74, consists of about 100 billion stars and is 32 million light-years away if you're headed toward Pisces. And I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we wish we were. Read More >>

Everything We Know About Planet Formation Might Be Wrong

Scientists believe they may have stumbled upon a planet that currently circles its sun at twice the distance Pluto's does ours. And should they be able to confirm that, yes, this is in fact a planet we're dealing with, astronomers may have to redefine the entire way we think about planet formation. Read More >>

These Portraits Are Made From Hubble Images (and Yours Can Be, too)

These striking images might only just look like faces — but that's OK, because they're made up of images acquired by the Hubble space telescope. Read More >>

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The Sun Will Look A Lot Like This When It Burns Out

In about a billion years the Sun will be too hot and bright for water to exist on Earth. We will probably mosey on at that point or perish. But if we're still alive and somewhere in the neighbourhood when the Sun runs out of hydrogen and becomes a red giant we can observe it looking something like this. Read More >>

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It Definitely Looks Beautiful Inside the Ring Nebula

The Ring Nebula is a common image in astronomy, but new images from Hubble reveal something rather strange inside the cloud of swirling gas. Read More >>

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An Amateur Astronomer Helped Hubble Snap This Galactic Monster

Hubble has joined forces with two amateur astronomers to capture a monster, and it may be one of the most beautiful four-armed giants ever seen. Read More >>

NASA Publishes the Most Detailed Image of the Universe Ever Captured

It's called the Extreme Deep Field—or XDF for short. It took ten years of Hubble Space Telescope photographs to make it, and it's the most detailed, deepest picture of the Universe ever taken, showing some of the oldest galaxies ever observed by humans, 13.2 billion years back in time. Read More >>

Amateurs Uncover Stunning Hidden Treasures In Hubble's Image Vaults

With over one million observations since it launch on April 24, 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope has been a endless source for insane wonders, unprecedented scenes and humbling experiences. However, many of its most amazing images have never been seen before by anyone—until now. In fact, some images actually show objects that nobody knew existed before. Read More >>

These Are the Oldest Stars In Our Galaxy

Like NASA says, these stars look like the thousand bright flashes of people taking photos just before a big rock concert. In reality, they are the oldest stars in our very own Milky Way, captured by Hubble. Read More >>


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