You Wouldn't Like This Hulk When He's… Wet

Those 'just add water and watch it grow' toys have been a staple of kids for years now. But if you thought you outgrew such a childish novelty, ThinkGeek might change your mind with this wonderful desk toy that brings the Incredible Hulk to life with nothing but a container full of water. Read More >>

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How ILM Created the Hulk for The Avengers

Yesterday we saw how ILM created a whole load of kick-ass CGI scenes from The Avengers. Now feast your eyes on just how they created the immense beast that is the Hulk, in The Avengers. Read More >>

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Watch an Ewok Try to Fight the Incredible Hulk to Hilarious Results

Here's your feel good video of the day. A uselessly cute and furry little Ewok going head to head against the menacing Incredible Hulk. The Hulk does what George Lucas should've done to Ewoks. [YouTube via @kwameopam] Read More >>


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