Why the Hell Does Hulu Show Spoiler Commercials for the TV Show You're Watching?

Hulu, for all its good intentions and fairly solid stream quality, kind of sucks. It doesn't have enough TV shows, it doesn't have enough episodes, you still have to watch commercials even when you pay for Hulu Plus but worst of all, sometimes those commercials you're forced to sit through are about future episodes of the freaking TV show you're watching. Basically, if you watch Hulu, it's like being chained down to a chair for Spoiler Russian Roulette. Read More >>

Watch Hulu, American Netflix, CBS, and Fox in the UK With Hola

Want to break that pesky region lock and watch American TV streaming services in the UK? You've got another option. Hola promises to let you watch Hulu, American Netflix, CBS, Fox, and even stream Pandora, all with a simple, free browser plug-in or app. As easy as a single click. Read More >>

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Want to Watch Hulu, American Netflix or Stream Pandora in the UK? Here's How

Region lock is a pain in the media-loving arse; while we have some decent content in the UK, most of the US-centric stuff is locked to those actually in the US. Yes, you can use a VPN to get to it, but now there's an even easier way. Install this simple Media Hint browser extension for free and watch Hulu, American Netflix, and even stream Pandora in the UK, with one click. Read More >>

Is Amazon Moving Into Original TV?

Original TV content is proving popular among the internet set right now, with both Netflix, Hulu and YouTube all betting big on it -- in the States, at least. Now, it looks like Amazon might be jumping aboard the bandwagon. Read More >>

Hulu Inches Nearer to UK Launch; German Version Apparently Under Negotiation

Popular US video streaming site Hulu might be about to move into Europe according to reports coming out of Germany, with TV executives said to be discussing options for its first official EU appearance. Read More >>

Myspace Wants To Become The Online Music Hub

At at a Tuesday event, Myspace and new owner Specific Media will detail plans to revive the dying social network. According to a document leaked to AllThingsD, the key to a successful resurrection will be music, music, and more music. Read More >>


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