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Every Brand Video You've Ever Seen in One Sweeping Parody

Based on Kendra Eash's brilliant McSweeney's piece of the same name, This is a Generic Brand Video is a perfect moving collage of everything that makes brand videos so terrible. Read More >>

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Olympic Speed Skating is Much More Exciting Cut With Mario Kart Action

After watching two weeks of sports you never normally care for, or fully understand, you may be asking why the short track skaters don't know...throw a blue shell at the end? This great video shows what would happen if they did. Read More >>

The Dangers of Dating a Butterphone

So you're out at a bar when you find yourself talking to the person of your dreams. You exchange numbers, and the next morning, after carefully crafting your first sober communication, you await a response. Your phone vibrates. You look down, eyes opened wide. And then—there it is, burning your eyes like a slap in the face. Green chat bubbles. Read More >>

The US Army's Cybersecurity Training Videos Are Embarrassing and Sad

For the past few years, the US government's been relentless about making the American people respect the importance of cybersecurity. Obama's given speeches, written newspaper columns, and issued executive orders to drive that point home. This is serious business! So why are the Army's own instructional videos so silly?
As Buzzfeed recently unearthed, the Army's Chief Information Officer is highlighting a series of comics and training videos designed to get soldiers thinking about very serious cybersecurity issues as part of Information Assurance/Cyber Security Awareness Week. The only problem is that the videos are embarrassingly goofy, at times arguably racist, and generally confusing. They also appear to be produced by a lesser version of the animation studio that made Waking Life. Read More >>

Forget Jobs, Here's the Movie Trailer for the Epic Gates Biopic

Unless you've been locked in a basement rooting your Android device for the past three months, you're probably aware that Ashton Kutcher's big, blockbuster debut as Steve Jobs is, for better or worse, just around the corner. But Steve isn't the only great media mogul of yore — Bill Gates played just as big of a role in bringing quality computing to the world. Here's a peek at what a movie about the man who revolutionised spreadsheeting just might look like — and it's fantastic. Read More >>

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The Hilarious Real Life Version of YouTube's Complaints Department

A follow up to last year's very funny YouTube Complaints Department, this year's version is just as funny and just as timely with digs about Felix Baumgartner, your favourite YouTube videos and how YouTube only fixed that views bug to show 301+ and not just 301. Heh. Like last year's, the video is made by Barely Political. [Barely Political] Read More >>

Street Artist Replaces Erased Work With Stencil of Guy Who Erased It

The work of a street artist is perhaps by definition impermanent; you create, it's found out, it's erased, you move on. Or, if you're a young man who goes by the name of DS, you spot the guy who's erasing your work, photograph him, and come back later to immortalise him as a stencil in the exact same place. Read More >>

Travelling at the Speed of Light Could Make Your Arse Look Great

Next time you're trying to squeeze into your skinny jeans, it might pay to give physics a thought — because depending on how fast you're travelling, your fat frame could look a little different. Randall Munroe explains in the mouse-over text of today's XKCD: Read More >>

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The Ultimate Video of People Being Idiots in Shopping Trollies (Ouch)

Look at all the stupid people. I mean, there's probably more to say here, about responsibility or exhibition of reckless behaviour brought on by the wired age, but really, like... look at all these stupid people. Read More >>

All The Recurring Jokes in Arrested Development Visualised

Watch enough Arrested Development—I mean, is there really such a thing as enough?—and you become party to a long and intricate series of recurring jokes. Now, you can feast your eyes on an interactive visualisation that lets you take a closer look at where the gags crop up. Read More >>

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How Memes Would Have Spread Across the Universe

Information can only travel so fast—but even if it can travel at the speed of light, there would be a natural delay before memes could traverse the entire universe. So where across our neighbouring star systems might some of our favourite pop culture references have ended up by now? Read More >>

First New Arrested Development Trailer: Thank You, Netflix

While 96 seconds isn't enough to promise a full 14-episode run of goodness, there's more than enough here to encourage the AD faithful; even just seeing the entire cast back together should warm the comedic cockles. You'll be able to watch for yourself on May 26th, when Netflix makes the entire fourth season available for streaming at once. Read More >>

All the Tacky Features Adobe Creative Cloud Thankfully Isn't Getting

This parody video imagines what would happen if Adobe introduced some of the tackiest elements of digital design ever to Photoshop and the rest of its design products. It's funny because humans have terrible taste. Read More >>

Six Things the Phone Book's Actually Still Good For

The phone book. There's perhaps no more outmoded, unnecessary, downright wasteful collection of printed information in the known universe. But Doghouse Diaries has a few suggestions that might make them useful after all. Read More >>

The Real Instruction Manual For Your Shared Office Printer

Working in an office with other people is fraught with all kinds of tensions and politics*, but there is nothing more divisive than the humble shared printer. Here's the instruction manual they forgot to include in the box that behemoth of a color laser arrived in. [PHD Comics] Read More >>

Why Time Travel Is Confusing

Actually, time travel is confusing on many levels—what the hell did happen in Twelve Monkeys exactly?—but it's the simple things that can cause the biggest headaches. Especially, as the mouse-over text in XKCD points out, the countdown: "T-minus 10... 11...". [XKCD] Read More >>


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