Instagram Crashed and it Caused a Global Food Crisis

It's a springtime Saturday, with the weather finally warming up for a lot of folks. Sounds like the perfect day for brunch with friends, right? Wrong. Instagram is down, and it's causing a panic among aspiring food photographers. Just look at these poor lost souls. Read More >>

Even If Heartbleed Loses Your Data, You Still Have Your Thoughts

Heartbleed may be one of the biggest internet security flaws to date, and it may see you lose your emails, identity, passwords and who knows what else. But hey! At least you'll always have your memories. Read More >>

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Genius Gravity Scene Featuring Superman Ruins/Fixes the Whole Movie

Haha, this is super silly but if you enjoyed the roller coaster ride that was Gravity and wished you were a superhero once before in your life, you should enjoy this fun mash-up video that creates a fake "deleted scene" that changes the entire movie. Read More >>

PSA: The Dangers of Binge Watching

Binge watching is a very real problem, affecting millions of people every day. Don't let it destroy your life, too. Read More >>

The Best (and Worst) of April Fool's Day 2014

It's the most dreaded day of the year, particularly for tech bloggers who have to be extra-watchful for spurious rumours and chancers' product announcements. But that doesn't mean there aren't some real doozies that are worth a chuckle or two. Step over the banana skin on the floor, and take a gander below. Read More >>

A Simple Flowchart to Work Out Whether You Should Take a Selfie

If you sometimes find it hard to read social situations to establish if it's an appropriate time to be taking photographs of yourself with your phone, here's a simple flowchart to make the decision making process a little easier. [Doghouse Diaries] Read More >>

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Devastated Family Loses Everything They'd Saved on Their DVR

The Talbott family has suffered a tragic loss. Everything the family had saved for years, all of it disappeared in an instant. Now they set to the task of rebuilding their lives after the huge setback of a crashed DVR. Read More >>

10 Ways to Annoy Photography Snobs

We all have DSLR-toting friends who are incredibly precious about their art. Here are ten way to irritate the hell out of your photography-snob buddies. Read More >>

Life Before the Internet Was Just Plain Boring

Before the internet? Don't kid yourself. It wasn't more fulfilling or engaging; you didn't have more time to read and think and play. You just sat around in your underwear watching daytime TV instead. Read More >>

These Useful Everyday Objects Turned Annoying are Pretty Hilarious

Everyday objects like keys, forks, spoons, brooms and umbrellas are always designed with usability in mind. You deal with them everyday so they had better be easy to use, right? But what if you re-designed them to make them annoying and uncomfortable to use? They'd still technically be useful objects but they'd also be hilariously terrible object. Read More >>

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Thank God Emails Don't Happen Out Loud in Real Life

You probably know a few people who use email in a way that drives you stark raving mad. But just be glad those annoying habits are relegated to the digital world. Because translated into real life, our email quirks are downright unbearable—and absolutely hilarious. Read More >>

Smartest Teacher Ever Threatens Unruly Pupils with Game of Thrones Spoilers

In my day, if you misbehaved in school it was an hour in the thumbscrews or lunchtime on the rack. These days, teachers dishing out the discipline have to be a bit more creative. One French maths teacher knew exactly how to hit disruptive students where it hurt -- with Game of Thrones spoilers. Read More >>

A Guide to Programming for Non-Programmers

Coding: how hard can it be? Take a few ideas, type a few lines of letters and numbers, sprinkle with some rarely used punctuation marks and—boom—you have software! Right? Read More >>

Girl Uses Classic iPhone Prank on Mum to Hilarious Results

A few years ago I told you about an amazing prank you can pull on your friends/colleagues/family. This girl just executed it with beautiful precision on her mother. Read More >>

The Onion Explains Where all "The Teens" Leaving Facebook are Going

The wonderful thing about internet communities is that it's very hard to artificially build them, but they arise organically in the strangest ways. And sometimes The Teens, those rapscallions, find the strangest places to commune online. Read More >>

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Even More Reasons to be Glad Google Isn't a Real Person

Let's face it: there's no one in the world who knows you quite as well as Google does. It's the only place we get truly, uncomfortably intimate, revealing every bodily function, personal secret, bizarre question, and government-watch-list-worthy keyword. Now imagine if instead of an inanimate website, we were dishing all that out to some dude in a cubicle. Read More >>


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