Gumtree Seller/Scammer Gets Spammed With Entire Works of Shakespeare in Revenge

When Bristolian Edd Joseph transferred £80 to someone promising to sell him their PS3, he displayed just the kind of revenge-led thinking that turns an ordinary graphic designer into somewhat of an internet hero. Or Prince Hamlet... Read More >>

Any Technology Where the Manual Needs a Manual is Bad Technology

Not all technologies are created equal: some are easy to use, some are tough to get to grips with, and others are downright impossible to get working. Read More >>

Conan O'Brien Explains Bitcoin Once and for All

We have endeavoured time and again to explain Bitcoin, but do any of you really understand it? It doesn't help that the mysterious digital currency keeps disappearing. Thankfully, here's a Conan O'Brien bit to set the record straight once and for all. Read More >>

What Happens When Your Non-Coding Boss Asks You to Code

Whether you're a PhD student, dev, data analyst or any other code-crunching machine, chances are you've written script for people that don't understand what that entails. This cartoon is for you. Read More >>

Reverse Photoshop Turns Bikini Model Into Something Even Cheesier

Timelapse videos showing the meticulous process of retouching the female body have opened people's eyes to our culture's sad manipulation of beauty. But when College Humor has a go, the reality is worse than we think. Read More >>

David Cameron's Still V. Serious About Ukraine, Even When Responding to Patrick Stewart's Piss-Take

If you cast your mind back to yesterday's big Twitter hoo-ha (yes, before everyone jacked in that tomfoolery for the bitcoin car-chase), you may recall celebrities such as Sir Patrick Stewart took the mick out of David Cameron's very serious call to Obama about the Ukraine crisis, as pictured on his Twitter account for all to be suitably impressed by. The inevitable response came today from Cameron's aides: Read More >>

Giant Cask Wine Sculpture Considered "Art" Down Under

Cottesloe Beach, where I spent many of my summers back in Perth, has been festooned with a, um, sculpture depicting one of Australia's most-loved -- and mocked -- inventions, the cask wine bag. Or "goon juice," if you're from down under. Read More >>

My Strategy for Saving Microsoft: Windows 98-Style Desktop Themes

At this year's Build conference in April, Microsoft is expected to reveal Windows 9. After dividing its audience with Windows 8, I have one suggestion for the new OS: bring back the Windows 98 desktop themes. Seriously. Just look how amazing they were... Read More >>

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The Pope Accidentally Kind-Of, Sort-Of, Said the Word 'Fuck' During a Blessing

The Pope is supposed to be God's mouthpiece on Earth. So either the man upstairs has a pretty good sense of humour, or somebody needs to wash Pope Francis's mouth out with soapy water. Read More >>

You Have to be Desperate if You're Browsing the Second Page of Google Results

It's a cold, dead wasteland that second page. Reach the third, and you're in real trouble. [XKCD] Read More >>

Dyson's Vision of the Future of Curling

Because in these days of endless technological progress, who really wants to use a broom anyway? [YouTube] Read More >>

Bad CG Recreations of Pop Culture are Horribly Awesome

Jurassic Park blew my mind when I saw it at the cinema almost 20 years ago, but special effects have come a long way since then. It takes a lot to wow a modern audience. We're jaded. We've seen it all: until now. Read More >>

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This is What Happens When You Reach Level 999 of Flappy Bird

Were you expecting anything else? The silliest of silly games is impossible to beat because a familiar friend has gone villain and acts as the final boss. He's sick and tired of letting little Flappy fly around in what is clearly his world. Die bird, die. Read More >>

The Differences Between Video Games and Real Life

If only video games were real life, right? Caffeine could be ditched for super star power ups, quests would be fun to do and rewarding as opposed to simply job saving and you wouldn't have to worry about budgeting because you would buy everything since it's so easy to make money. Ah, video game life has it so good! Read More >>

Even the Most Serious of Updates Get Ignored if They Require a Restart

You computer may be at risk. Your privacy may be at risk. Hell, you may be at risk. But if you've got a lot of apps running and that update will require a restart? Forget about it. [XKCD] Read More >>


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