If MySpace Had Facebook's Look Back Video

Facebook's look-back videos are a delightful—if sentimental—look at the last few years of your social media existence. But that's because you've had a great decade! What about the less fortunate? What would, say, MySpace's look back video be? Read More >>

Big Companies Want You to Feel Like an Individual, But You're Not

Man, I bet you can't believe that someone got the same anonymous-looking lifestyle product as you. They're such copycats. [Doghouse Diaries] Read More >>

Somehow Ice-T Has Unwittingly Recorded a Dungeons & Dragons Audiobook

"Pegasus....Pegasi. That's horses with wings. This shit is crazy." Read More >>

Are 1995's Internet Etiquette Rules Still Even Remotely Relevant?

Like most people, I enjoy spending my evenings reading twenty-year-old articles about the internet. One of my favourites is about 'netiquette'-- a list of internet politeness rules. They just didn't see Twitter coming. Read More >>

Why Can't They Make the MacBook Charger Any Smaller?

When you stop to think about it, it's pretty crazy what technology lets us do everyday. We all have tiny super computers in our pockets. We send people to do crazy science in space like its nothing. So why can't we just make MacBook power adapters a little bit smaller. It's a question worth asking. Read More >>

Instagram Would Have Been Even More Awesome in the 80s

We assume that all of the media we consume, and all of the social networks we obsess over, are only made possible by modern technology. But as this video demonstrates, even Instagram could have existed back in the 1980s—with only minor changes to how the service works today. Read More >>

The True Pain of Watching YouTube Tutorial Videos

It's such a shame that ten seconds of valuable information requires watching awful online ads and rambling, ill-produced amateur video. [Doghouse Diaries] Read More >>

Why You Actually Use Online Pizza Delivery Trackers

Don't worry, everybody does it (though I hope, in the UK at least, it's trousers you are searching for, and not your pants!). Look at it this way: at least it means the delivery guy never gets an unwelcome surprise. [Doghouse Diaries] Read More >>

Maybe it's Time You Broke Up With Some of Your Technology

Sometimes, a service or piece of technology falls out of favour with its user. Perhaps it stops working properly; maybe small niggles become incredibly frustrating; or possibly the two simply grow apart. Either way, maybe the best way to say goodbye is through a breakup letter. Read More >>

11 Years of Politics, and Undercover Arnie Still Can't Act

Arnold Schwarzenegger is my hero. I will stand no-one speaking a bad word against Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Total Recall or Predator. I am a superfan -- I even queued up for four hours to meet the guy! But even I have to admit, Arnie just can't act. Read More >>

The Big Trends of 2014

It seems that everyone on the internet is trying to predict what will be the big trends of 2014. Here are some things which will definitely (probably) happen. Seriously. Promise. Read More >>

The Truth Behind Apple's Latest iPad Advert

Apple's latest iPad advert shows the tablet being used by helicopter rescue pilots, storm chasers, ice hockey coaches, musicians, Bollywood filmmakers, scuba divers, rock musicians and artists. But let's face it, you're using it on the toilet, aren't you? Full size at the source. [Doghouse Diaries] Read More >>

With a Police Sketch Like This, They'll Have No Trouble Catching the Criminal

Lamar County Sheriff's Department, Texas, is on the hunt for a mugger. Have you seen this man? No, of course you haven't. Read More >>

Sometimes the Only Explanation For Your Computer Fault is Witchcraft

Despite being so user-friendly on the whole, computers are incredibly complex systems. So complex that sometimes—just sometimes—the only explanation for a fault is that it must be haunted or something. Just blame the ghost in the machine. [XKCD] Read More >>

With Mates Like These, You'd Never Get Drunk Ever Again

If you're at a party, and you like to knock back the sauce quicker than your body can handle it, just get a cab home. Never, ever, ever fall asleep. Or your mates might do this to you. Read More >>

People That Say Taking Photos Distracts From Living Your Life are Wrong

"I hate when people take photos of their meal instead of eating it, because there's nothing I love more than the sound of other people chewing." Damn straight, Randall Munroe. Damn. Straight. [XKCD] Read More >>


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