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By Casey Chan on at

The Internet's Best 404 Error Pages

The internet isn't just a bunch of cables, wires, modems, computers, silicon, protocols, h-tee-tee-pees and h-tee-em-els. There are people behind it! People with personality. People who like to laugh. People who put up hilarious 404 error pages so whenever something goes wrong on the Internet, people will remember that they exist!

How Long Before Facebook Crushes Facedrink?

By Kat Hannaford on at

I don't know about you, but unless there's vodka in my Red Bull, I don't feel much like making new "friends." But a Red Bull-like drink, obviously aping Facebook, promises to do just that -- well, until Zuckerberg's lawyers get on the case, anyway.

The Porn Folder of All Porn Folders

By Brian Barrett on at

What your porn folder is filled with is your own business. No, seriously, I don't want to know. Unless it's filled with another porn folder, and there's another porn folder in that one, and so on. Because that's pretty great.

Gizmodo's Guide to IM Etiquette

By Brent Rose on at

Everyone has an obnoxious instant messenger friend. If you don't, it's probably you. Our parents didn't come of age in the days of MSN and AOL, so it's unlikely that they were able to pass on the finer points of internet manners. Well, Mumma Gizmodo is here for you, baby. Now suckle from our teat of wisdom.