Drinking Up to Four Cups of Coffee Won't Dehydrate You At All

>The received wisdom is that coffee dehydrates you. Fact. Period. No arguments. But a new study shows that, actually, in moderation, coffee is no less hydrating than water. Read More >>

Does Sparkling Water Hydrate You or Leave You High and Dry?

Sometimes people go on sparkling water binges. It happens. Between cold cans, two litre bottles and SodaStreams it can be hard not to become totally captivated by the bubbly stuff. But sometimes it feels like all those bubbles are getting in the way of hydration. So does your body absorb effervescence differently? Writer and obsessive fizzy drinker, Noah Davis, wanted to find out. Read More >>

Pump Up This Pressurised Hydration Pack So You Never Have To Suck

The most important thing you can pack for a long outdoor trek is water, which is why hydration packs are an ideal accessory. But trying to suck water through a long hose when you're exhausted, well, sucks. So Geigerrig is releasing a new pressurised hydration pack that's like having a Super Soaker strapped to your back. Read More >>

Roll-Up Bottle Is Big When You Need it, Small When You Don't

The Bübi Bottle may look like a normal plastic water container, but it's actually made from firm, yet supple, silicone. This means you can roll it up when you're done to save space, but we wouldn't suggest reaching for it in a bar brawl. Read More >>


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