Drug Dealers Turn Old Nuclear Bunker into Massive Cannabis Factory

Around 400 cannabis plants with a possible street value of around £650,000 were pulled out of tunnels beneath Kidderminster, after local drug growers broke into an abandoned nuclear bunker and installed their own hydroponic equipment to grow dope. Read More >>

Compact Hydroponics Cube Turns an Extra Parking Spot Into a Vegetable Farm

Tired of paying the exorbitant markup for fresh produce at your grocery store? For a mere £50,000—and the cost of finding someplace else to park your car—this compact hydroponics container lets you grow a farm's worth of vegetables on a minimal chunk of land. Read More >>

This Gorgeous Mini Hydroponic Farm Turns Your Home into Pot and Produce Heaven

Living in an flat or any small home has its limitations — you can't blast your music, and you can't grow your own delicious things. But Windowfarms is a beautiful, simple fix — the magic of hydroponics, strapped to any ordinary window. Read More >>


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