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A Nick in Time: How Shaving Evolved Over 100,000 Years of History

Removing unwanted body hair has been a part of human hygiene since the dawn of history. Over the centuries, this practice has served to denote everything from high-ranking social status to acts of contrition. And as the tradition of shaving has evolved in step with global culture, so too have the tools of the trade. Read More >>

The Five-Second Rule is Now Supported by Scientific Evidence

Looks like it's time to start giving 10-year-olds a little more credit where there scientific claims are concerned. According to a new study from Aston University in Birmingham they were right all along—five seconds really does make a difference in terms of food safety. Read More >>

Every Public Bathroom Needs These Touchless Hand-Washing Dryers

Many public toilets already have taps, soap dispensers, and hand dryers that can operate hands-free. But the Robo-washer combines all of them into a single unit that you can stick dirty hands into and have them come out perfectly clean. Read More >>

This Connected Bluetooth Toothbrush Will Nag You More Than a Dentist

We all know we should be brushing more diligently several times a day, but without our dentists regularly shaming us into better oral hygiene, that rarely happens. So a Paris-based company called Kolibree has created what it claims to be the world's first app-connected toothbrush that will encourage better brushing habits between dentist visits. Read More >>

You Can Buy Bacon Deodorant

The bacon-everything craze has mostly passed, thankfully, and things seem to be getting back to normal. The constant barrage of bacon Band-Aids and bacon office supplies is over. Bacon personal care products are apparently another story, though. Read More >>

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Here's How Those Massive, Disgusting Fatbergs Are Removed From Under London

Think your job sucks? Try being a sewer "flusher". Your job would be to maintain and manually clean the pipes from all the literal crap and fat that everyone flushes down the bog and the drain. It's the stuff we'd rather forget about, but unfortunately these poor chaps can't. Read More >>

Enormous "Fatbergs" Clogging the Arteries of Our Towns and Cities

A disgusting object built from "festering food fat mixed with wet wipes" has been spotted in a sewer, with the so-called "fatberg" said to be the size of a bus. Read More >>

How Clean Is Your Kebab?

I'm not sure whether this is great or utterly terrifying. It's not like you're being picky when you roll into a kebab shop, but maybe you should be? The Guardian's put together a scary map showing just how clean your local kebab place, butchers, curry houses, and anything that serves food are, according to failed food inspections by the Food Standards Agency. Yuck. Read More >>

The Next Best Thing to Showering With a Dental Hygienist

Until we're all able to shower from bed, Waterpik's new Showerpik is the next best thing for simplifying our morning routines. It works like any other Waterpik, blasting the spaces between your teeth clean like a dental floss fire hose. But since it taps into your existing shower head you don't need to keep a reservoir of water nearby. Read More >>

Fight Bad Breath and Bathroom Clutter With This Toothbrush Cup

Counter clutter can be even worse in a bathroom which is typically a lot smaller than a kitchen. And if you find yourself constantly battling to find room to store things around the sink, you'll immediately see the genius behind this flippable cup that doubles as a way to rinse your mouth and a convenient spot to store a toothbrush. Read More >>

The Tongue Toothbrush Is the Grossest Way to Be Hygienic

Toothbrushes haven't changed much. Sure some fancy tech whiz brushes spin the bristles themselves but at the end of the day, after centuries of use, we still have to hold the damn thing. Not anymore. The T2T is a hands free toothbrush that you slip onto your tongue to do your teeth cleaning. It's the grossest way to be hygienic. Read More >>

Brighton Plans "Gender Neutral" Public Toilet for Ladies, Gentlemen and Non-Specific Others

In an attempt to avoid marginalising people with both kinds of genitals, Brighton council is planning a "gender neutral" public toilet for men, women and anyone surgically, medically or mentally stuck halfway between. Read More >>

Here's What's Been Living Inside Your Belly Button

To anyone who's ever had their nurturing nature questioned, science now offers an infallible retort in the form of your lush, thriving belly button growth. Read More >>

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Why You Have Bad Breath in the Morning

You brush. You floss. You swish some burning mint-laced liquid around in your mouth until it hurts. You go to bed with an oral hygiene gold star, and you wake up with white gloop connecting your lips and some vile odour emanating from it. What the hell happens in our mouths while we sleep? Read More >>

Is Chewing This Spiky Rubber Disc Really As Effective As Brushing Your Teeth?

Designed for those times when you've just had a meal but can't sneak away to brush your teeth, the Rolly is a small rubber disc covered in 276 spiky bristles that promises to be as effective at cleaning your teeth as brushing, when chewed like a piece of gum. Read More >>

How Can These Gorgeous Crumpled Taps Possibly Work?

They certainly catch your eye, but Italian designer Lorenzo Damiani's unique folded taps will also have you wondering how they let more than just a trickle of water pass through. Wormholes? Good old-fashioned wizardry? We've no idea. Read More >>


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